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  1. "On the Rainy River" is a chapter in the larger book called ___________________.
  2. The physical change the main character describes when he makes his decision to act on his plan for avoiding the war.
  3. This finally drives the main character to choose to go to war at the end of the story.
  4. It is true that the old man "saves" the main character because he........
  5. During the middle of the summer of 1968, the main character creates this plan to avoid fighting in the war.

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  1. he thinks the war is needed to solve major issuesFalse statement about the main character when he receives word that he has been drafted into military service.


  2. O'BrienFirst name of the man who ran the place where the main character stayed.


  3. meat packer/factory workerIronic and symbolic job the main character has in 1968 when he learns that he as been drafted into military service


  4. "Ain't biting"As the main character battled within his own mind about whether or not he should jump out of the boat and swim to Canada, the only two words the old man says come AFTER the main character has decided NOT to jump out of the boat. What were those two words from the old man?


  5. the Tip Top LodgeThe name of the place where the main character stayed after leaving home.