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Muscles that guard entrances and exits of internal passageways are ___ muscles.


The type of muscle whose functional characteristics most closely resemble those of its muscle fibers is the ___ muscles.


Skeletal muscles in which the fascicles form a common angle with the tendon are ___ muscles.


The most common lever system in the body are those thst have applied force between the fulcrum and the load. These are called ___ levers.


A muscle that inserts on the body of the mandible is probably involved in:

all: flexion, medial rotation, adduction

The pectoralis major muscle inserts on the tubercle of the humerus. When it contracts, it produces:

extend the forearm

Muscles that insert on the olecranon process of the ulna can act to:


Which of the following muscles does not have an action that is antagonistic to the action of the brachialis muscle?


A muscle that assists the muscle that is primarily responsible for a given action is a:

collagen content of the muscle

The names of the muscles can indicate all of the following, except:


Muscle with fibers that run parallel to the long axis of the body are called:


Each of the following term is a descriptive term for a muscles action, except:


Which of the following terms could be used with a muscle that is associated with the chin?


Each of the following terms is used to describe the shape of a muscle, except:


A muscle whose name ends in the suffix -glossus would be found within or attached to the:


Muscles including the term capitis would be found within or attached to the:


Which of the following is not primarily a muscle of facial expression?

orbicularis oris

The "kissing muscle" that purses the lips is the:

levator palpebrae

All of the following are innervated by the facial nerve (N VII), except for the ____ muscle.

galea aponeurotica

The origin of the frontalis muscle is the:

zygomatic arch

The temporalis muscle passes through the:

move the muscle

The auricularis acts to:

skin of the chin

The mentalis muscle inserts on the:

wrinkles the brow

Which of the following describe the action of the corrugator supercilii?

lateral nasal cartilage

The procerus inserts on the:

elevates the larynx and depresses the mandible

Which of the following describes the action of the digastric muscle?

rectus abdominis

Which of the following is not an extrinsic eye muscle?


The anterior muscle that inserts widely on the periosteum of the mandible is the:


The muscle that elevates the tongue is the:


Which of the following does not originate or insert on the hyoid bone?


which of the following muscles has its origin on the hyoid and inserts on the tongue?

all: quadratus lumborum, longus capitis, & longus colli

Which of the following is a spinal flexor?

quadratus lumborum

The iliac crest is the origin of the :

mastoid process

The sternocleidomastoid inserts on the:

transverse and costal processes of cervical vertebrae

The scalenes have their origin on the:

rectus abdominis

Which of the following muscles has its origin on the sternum?

rectus abdominis

The muscle that inserts on the superior surface of the pubis around the symphysis is the:

all: external oblique, rectus abdominis, transverse abdominis

Which of the following muscles compresses the abdomen?

collagen sheath at the base of the clitoris

Which of the following is the origin of the bulbospongiosus?

all of the above

Which of the following muscles is found within the pelvic floor?


The levator ani inserts on the:

both: rhomboid major, & trapezius

The spinous process of the upper thoracic vertebrae are the origin of the:

the greater tubercle of the humerus

Which of the following is the insertion of the pectoralis major?

protracts the shoulder, abducts and medially rotates the scapula

Which of the following describes the action of the serratus anterior?


Which of the following does not move the shoulder gridle?


The muscle that adducts and rotates the scapula laterally is the:


The muscle that inserts on the acromion and scapular is the:

pectoralis major

All of the following originate on the scapula, except the:


The powerful abductor muscle of the upper arm is the:


Which of the following is not a muscle of the rotator cuff?

both: coracobrachialis, & latissimus dorsi

A muscle that adducts the humerus is the:

greater tubercle of the humerus

The infraspinatus has it's insertion on the:

biceps brachii

Which of the following does not originate on the humerus?


The muscle that extends the arm while doing push-ups is the:

olecranon process of the ulna

Which of the following is the insertion of the triceps brachialis?

all of the above

Which of the following originates on the medial epicondyle of the humerus?

pronator quadratus

The muscle that pronates the forearm and pposes biceps brachii is the:

flexor pollicis longus

When opposing the thumb, which muscle is active?

adductor pollicis

The muscle that adducts the thumb is the:


The adductor brevis has its origin on the:

gluteus maximus

The muscle that inserts on the iliotibial tract and gluteal tuberosity of the femur is the:

iliotibial tract

The band of collagen fibers that laterally braces the knee is the:

tensor fasciae latae

Muscles that laterally rotate the thigh include all of the following, except the:

all of the above

Which of the following is a member of the hamstring group?

gluteus maximus

Which of the following muscles pulls on the iliotibial tract?


The only knee flexor that originates superior to the acetabulum is the:


The inferior ramus of the pubis is the origin and the medial tibia is the insertion of the ___ muscle.

all: vastus; lateralis, medialis, & intermedius

A muscle that originates along the linea aspera of the femur is:


The muscle that unlocks the knee joint is the:

the fabella

A sesamoid bone occasionally found within the lateral head of the gastrocnemius is:

all of the above

Which of these muscles is a member of the quadriceps group?

the inferior surface of the distal phalanx of the great toe

The insertion of the flexor hallucis longus is:

tibialis anterior

An antagonist to the gastrocnemius is the:

tibialis anterior

A muscle that dorsiflexes the foot is the:

B) pectoral girdle

The freedom of movement is relatively greater in the: a) pelvic girdle b) pectoral girdle

tendon attachment that moves

Which of these phrases most aptly describes "muscle insertion"?

all of the above

The bones, which serves as levers in the body, change:


Muscles located close to the midline of the body may be called:

infraspinatus and teres minor muscles

Reflection of the trapezius muscle exposes the:


Muscles with fibers that run at an angle to the long axis of the body are called:

parallel muscles

Most of the skeletal muscles in the body are:

30 percent

A skeletal muscle fiber can contract until it has shortened by about:

23kg (50lb)

In a 6.45-cm2 (1-inch2) cross section, parallel muscle can exert approximately ___ of isometric tension.


___ muscle fibers pull in different directions, permitting different actions depending on stimulation.


Muscles with fibers that run perpendicular to the long axis of the body are called:


In a ___ muscle, the fascicles are concentrically arranged around an opening.

both: a rigid structure, & a pivot point or fulcrum

A lever consists of:

both: prime mover, & antagonist

A ___ is a muscle whose contraction is chiefly responsible for producing a particular movement.


Muscles visible at the body surface are often called:


superficial muscles that position or stabilize an organ are called:


Muscles located entirely within an organ are called:


Deep muscles are called:


Muscles that are long and round in cross section are termed:

the muscles of vocal expression

The axial muscles of the head and neck are assigned to one of the following functional groups, except:


The ___ covers the anterior surface of the neck.

all of the above

The eye muscles include which of the following muscles?

superior oblique

Which eye muscle sends its tendon of origin through a pulley or trochlea before inserting on the globe?

inferior rectus

The ___ muscle allows yoiu to look down.

superior rectus

The ___ allows you to look up.


The ___ muscle is the strongest jaw muscle.


In assessing a stroke patient, you ask her to stick our ( protract) her toungue. You note that it deviates to one side. You suspect that damage to the neural control of the ___ muscle has occurred.

spinalis cervicis

The ___ extends the neck.


Contracting the gastrocnemius muscles to elevate the body on the toes involves a ___ lever.

both: lateral rectus, & medial rectus

Ryan hears a loud noise and quickly turns his eyes sideways in the direction of the sound. To accomplish this action he must use his ___ muscles.

rectus abdominis

During abdominal surgeon, the surgeon makes a cut lateral to the linea alba. The muscle that would be cutt is the:

both: elevates the eyebrow, & raises the upper eyelid

Which of these is true about the muscle named levator palpebrae surperioris?


The leverage of biceps brachii applies its force six times closer to the fulcrum (elbow joint) then the resistance. This means it will need to exert ___ kg of force to support a load of 6 kg.


Which of the following is not a pennate muscle?


Which of the following is not one of the forms of fascicle organization?

all of the above

The muscle of he head and neck function in:

oblique and rectus muscles

Muscular walls of tthe thoax and abdomen are composed of:


Each of the following muscles is involved in the process of chewing or manipulationg food in the mouth, except the:

medial rectus

Medial rotation of the eyeball is performed by the ___ muscle:

rectus abdominis

A muscle that flexes the spinal column is the:


Damage to which of the following muscles would interfere most with the ability to breathe?


Which of the following muscles functions to expel urine or semen in males?


Muscles of the rotator cuff include all of te following, except the:

all of the above

Which of these muscles produces lateral rotation at the hip?

vastus lateralis

Each of the following muscles acts to flex the leg, except the:

biceps femoris

The quadriceps group includes all the following, except the:

biceps femoris

Which of the following muscles belongs to the "hamstring" muscle group?

both: inguinal hernia, & diaphragmatic hernia

Excessive abdominopelvic pressure can cause:

abduct the humerus

Damage to the pectoralis major would interfere with a persons ability to:

both: extending you hip, & laterally rotating your hip

If you bruised your gluteus maximus, you would experience discomfort when:


Tom is having difficulty plantar flexing and everting his foot. Which muscles is most likely involved in this problem?

vastus lateralis

The preferred site for intramuscular (IM) injections in infants in the:

all of the above

If the anterior compartment of the lower limb was suffering from "compartmnet syndrome" which of these muscles would be at risk of injury?

the buccinator and orbicularis oris

Tom, a trumpet player, asks you which muscles he should develop in order to be a better trumpeter. What would you tell him?

medial rectus

Pam's daughter is born cross-eyed. As she grows, the problem does not become any better. Her physician suggest cutting and eye muscle to bring the eyes into a more

flex and adduct her hand

Jill suffers a severe cut that severs the tendon that attaches the insertion of the floxor carpi ulnaris. As a result of this injury, what action is difficult for her to perform?


Identify the muscle labeled "1"


Identify the muscle labeled "6"

tibialis anterior

Identify the muscle labeled "11"


Identify the muscle labeled "25"


Identify the muscle labeled "27"

latissimus dorsi

Identify the muscle labeled 6


Identify the muscle labeled 2

biceps femoris

Identify the muscle labeled 11


Identify the muscle labeled 12


Identify the muscle labeled 7

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