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By the 1830's, non-agricultural work increasingly took place where?

Outside the home.

Among middle-class families, children came to be seen increasingly as what?

Innocent and morally superior.

What was a typical theme of the Second Great Awakening?

Was that people could take their salvation into their own hands.

Who was pioneering an experiment in the prison reform?

The Auburn system.

The first effective state law prohibiting the manufacture and sale of alcoholic beverages was passed by hat state?


Who was Frederick Douglass?

The most influential black abolitionist.

The greatest expression of Romanticism in the United States was through what?


What work by Hawthorne is a grim but sympathetic analysis of the consequences of adultery?

The Scarlet Letter.

By the 1850's, what did the common school movement succeed in establishing?

Laws requiring school attendance to the age of 16 in every state outside the south.

What wives were often very responsive to the message of the Second Great Awakening?

Wives of business leaders.

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