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39 terms

A Toda Vela 2A --CAC-- Gestos

s/he points to
lo/la castiga
s/he punishes him/her
lo/la consuela
s/he consoles him/her
desea comprar
s/he hopes to buy
lo/la regaña
s/he scolds him/her
se pone (feliz/triste)
s/he becomes (happy/sad)
it fits (shape wise)
se tumba
s/he lies down
lo/la desbanca
s/he ousts him/her
¡No lo soporto!
I can't stand it/him!
le otorga un premio
s/he grants a prize to him/her
dura cinco horas
it lasts five hours
se parece a
s/he/it resembles
rompe con
s/he breaks up with
se averguenza de
s/he is ashamed of
se burla de
s/he makes fun of
se queja de
s/he complains
el lazo
the bow
el disparate
the stupid/silly thing/action
la amistad
the friendship
el rollo
the bore
los derechos humanos
the human rights
tiene buena pinta
s/he/it has a good appearance
la marca
the brand
el filón
the gold mine
el sondeo
the survey
el peso
the weight (the numerical figure)
el mando
the remote control
el síntoma
the symptom
el pacifismo
the pacifism
el fallo
the mistake
desde el punto de vista de
from the point of view of
se mire por donde se mire
wherever one looks
saca partido de
s/he profits/benefits from
No estoy para bromas.
I'm not in a joking mood.
el temor
the fear
tarde o temprano
sooner or later
No es para tanto.
It's no big deal.
¡Qué lío!
What a mess! (What a disaster!)