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US Senate Youth Program Hearst Test


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Introduction to constitution
Articles of Confederation
1st Constitution of the U.S. 1781-1788 (weaknesses-no executive, no judicial, no power to tax, no power to regulate trade)
Amendments to Constitution
27 changes
First 10 amendments
Bill of Rights
3 branches of government
Legislative, Executive, and Judicial Branch
Legislative Branch
House and Senate, legislation = laws
2 houses that make up the Congress
House of Representatives and The Senate
Begin 2 year session for Congress on what day...
January 3rd, odd numbered years
Congressional Record
written record of everything said in both houses of Congress
The Elastic Clause
Congress may stretch their powers when needed
# of members of the House
435, chosen based on the state's population
Census is taken every ______ years
Must be a U.S. citizen for ______ years for the House
Must be ____ years old for the House
Must ________ you're representing
live in the state
House of Representatives
"Lower House," members elected to two year terms.
Leader for the House
Speaker of the House. Selected from majority party.
Senate members act as a jury in _________ for the House
impeachment trials
# of members for the Senate
100, 2 for each state
Must be U.S. citizen for ______ years for the Senate
Must be _________ years old for the Senate
Must _________ representing for the Senate
live in the state
"Upper house," members elected to 6 year terms.
Leader for the Senate
President of the Senate, aka Vice President
How a bill becomes a law
1.Introduced in one of the houses of Congress, voted on, approved 2. Sent to the other house of Congress, voted on, approved 3. Sent to the President - signs and becomes a law or vetos it 4. if vetoes - sent back to Congress and must pass both houses with 2/3 vote to override veto
Powers of Congress
Taxing, printing money, and declaring war
Habeas corpus
the right of the accused to see a judge and be told charges against them
Ex post facto law
you may not be punished for something done before a law was passed against the action
Main Job of the Executive Branch
enforces laws
Leader for the Executive Branch
Years in Term for the Executive Branch
Must be a natural-born ________ for the Executive Branch
Must be at least _______ years old for the Executive Branch
Years of citizenship for the Executive Branch
Chosen by Electoral College
President and Vice President
Each state gets as many votes as it has ___________
# of electoral votes needed for a victory
If something happens to the President, who is next in line?
Vice President then Speaker of the House
Powers of President include:
Commander in Chief of Armed Forces, appoints Supreme Court judges, appoints ambassadors, represents the U.S. to foreign countries, vetoes or signs bills in lawmaking process.
Main Job for the Judicial Branch
Interprets the laws
Highest Court for the Judicial Branch
Supreme Court
How many justices in the Supreme Court?
Term for the Judicial Branch
Appointed by:
Lower Federal Courts
District Courts and Court of Appeal
Lower federal courts are created by?
The Constitution is also called the...
"Supreme Law of the Land"
The constitution was signed on...
September 17, 1787
Changes to the Constitution are called...
Amendments #1-10
Bill of Rights
Amendment #13
Abolished Slavery
Amendment #18
Prohibition #21 repeals #18
Amendment #19
Women's Right to Vote
Amendment #22
President may only serve 2 terms/Max. 10 years
Amendment #26
Voting Age 18
Vice President
Joe Biden
Utah House of Representatives District 1
Rob Bishop, R, serves on Natural Resources Committee
and Rules Committee
Utah State Senior Senator
Orrin Hatch, R, assumed office in 1977, Class I, term expires in 2013, Finance/ Judiciary Committee
Where Constitution was written; place and date
Philadelphia 1787
Father of Constitution
James Madison
Articles of Confederations drafted/enacted
1777, 1781
New Jersey Plan
favored the small states, equal representation for all states (Senate)
Virginia Plan
favored large states, representation in proportion to population size (House of Representatives)
Connecticut Compromise
Virginia/New Jersey Plans combined; modern system
Utah House of Representatives District 2
Jim Matheson, D, Energy and Commerce Committee
Utah House of Representatives District 3
Jason Chaffetz, R, Budget Committee, Judiciary Committee, Oversight and Government Reform Committee
Utah State Junior Senator
Mike S Lee, R, assumed office in 2011, Class III (term expires in 2017, Judiciary/Energy and Natural Resources/Foreign Relations/Joint Finance Committee)
Department of State
Secretary of State Hillary Clinton
Department of the Treasury
Timothy Geithner
Department of Defense
Leon Panetta
Department of Justice
Attorney General Eric H. Holder, Jr.
Department of Interior
Kenneth Salazar
Department of Agriculture
Thomas Vilsack
Department of Commerce
Acting: Rebecca Blank
Department of Labor
Hilda Solis
Department of Health and Human Services
Kathleen Sebelius
Department of Housing and Urban Development
Shaun Donovan
Department of Transportation
Ray LaHood
Department of Energy
Steven Chu
Department of Education
Arne Duncan
Department of Veterans Affairs
Eric Shinseki
Department of Homeland Security
Janet Napolitano
White House Chief of Staff
Jack Lew
Environmental Protection Agency
Administrator Lisa P. Jackson
United States Ambassador to the United Nations
Ambassador Susan Rice
Speaker of the House
John Boehner R
House Majority Leader
Eric Cantor R
House Majority Whip
Kevin McCarthy R
House Minority Leader
Nancy Pelosi D
House Minority Whip
Steny Hoyer D
President of the Senate
Joe Biden D
President Pro Tempore
Daniel Inouye D
Senate Majority Leader
Harry Reid D
Senate Majority Whip
Richard (Dick) Durbin D
Senate Minority Leader
Mitch McConnell R
Senate Minority Whip
Jon Kyl R
John Roberts
Chief Justice, Conservative, Appt. GW Bush
Antonin Scalia
Conservative, Appt. Reagan
Anthony Kennedy
Conservative, Appt. Reagan
Clarence Thomas
Conservative, Appt. GHW Bush
Ruth Bader Ginsburg
Liberal, Appt. Clinton
Stephen Breyer
Liberal, Appt. Clinton
Samuel Alito
Conservative, Appt. GW Bush
Sonia Sotomayor
Liberal, Appt. Obama
Elena Kagan
Liberal, Appt. Obama
Utah Governor/challenger
Gary Herbert R/Peter Cooke D
Utah Lt. Governor/challenger
Greg Bell R/Vince Rampton D
Utah District 1
Incumbent Rob Bishop R v. Donna McAleer D
Utah District 2
Incumbent Jim Matheson. Race: Chris Stewart R v. Jay Seegmiller D