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In what town was Shakespeare born?


What killed many babies at the time of Shakespeare's birth?

the plague

What foreign language did he study in school?


What Roman pet was his favorite?


What do we call the missing decade of Shakespeare's life?

The Lost Years

Why was Shakespeare withdrawn from school?

To become an apprentice to his father

Who was the older woman Shakespeare married?

Anne Hathaway

Have many kids did Shakespeare have?


What play was Shakespeare's first major success in London?

Henry VI

Who was Shakespeare's early patron, and perhaps his lover?

The earl of south hampton

Which revealed more about Shakespeare- plays or sonnets?`


Why was it expensive for Shakespeare to write at night?

the prices of candles were high

Where was Shakespeare's family while he was in London?

In Straford

During which forty days were no plays performed?


At its peak, how many people died per week from the plague?


Whose death in 1596 permanently changed Shakespeare

the death of his only son, Hamnet

What theater did Shakespeare help build and partly own?

the Globe

What was the first play at the Globe Theater?

Julius Caesar

What did Shakespeare use to provide setting for his plays?

language, imagery

Who played the parts of young girls in Shakespeare's theater?

young boys

Did Shakespeare ever act in his own plays?


Did Shakespeare consider himself a poet or a playwright?

a poet

Who ascended the English throne in 1603?

James I

What became the new name of Shakespeare's acting company?

The King's Men

In Shakespeare's later plays what becomes the focus of fathers?

preoccupation with their daughters

What play sparked the fire that burned the Globe?

Henry VIII

Which of his family did Shakespeare slight in his will?

his wife

On what unique day did Shakespeare die?

his birthday

When were Shakespeare's collected plays first published?


What poetic name did Ben Jonson give Shakespeare?

Sweet Swan of Avon

In which theater were most of Shakespeare's mahor plays performed?

the Globe theater

What design was the basic design of the Globe theater taken from?

Bear-baiting arenas

The stage of the globe was a platform and didn't have what kind of arch?


The stage didn't have a ________ to close between acts.


The Globe Theater had no ______ and no control of _____________.

roof, lighting

Elizabethan plays featured ___________costumes.


Elizabethan theaters used__________ but had little or no _________.

props, sets

Who paid the lowest admission costs and stood around the stand to watch the plays?


What were often used to produce special effects?

heaven, hell

Shakespeare's plays were performed more _________ in the 16th century


There were no ________ in Elizabethan acting companies; so young ______ played the female roles.

women, boys

Julius Caesar was born in what year?

100 B.C.

Who were the three people who made up the first triumvirate

Caesar, Crassus, and Pompey

Who were the three people who made up the second triumvirate after Caesar's death?

Octavius, Lepidus, and Antony

Who were the conspirators that killed Caesar?

Cassius, Brutus, Casca, Cinna, Decius, Metellus Cimber, Ligarius, Trebonuis

Who told Caesar to beware the ides of march?


Who was the first conspirator to stab Caesar?


Who tried to warn Caesar with a letter?


What river did Caesar cross before he fought with Pompey?

the Rubicon river

What is a bondsman?

a slave

What does commons mean?

the common people

What is a consul

a cheif judge in Rome

What is a dictator?

an absolute ruler

What does plebeian mean?

lowest class

What is a Praetor?

a roman judge second to the consul

What is a rabblement/rout?

a mob of people

What is a senator?

a wealthy law maker?

What is a tribune, and name two from the play Julius Caesar?

a tribune is a low ranking judge, flavius and marullus

What is a triumvirate?

a three person ruling system

What is an alarum?

a trumpet call to arms

What is a battle?

a unit/section of the army

What are battles?

multiple sections of the army gathered to fight

What are charges?

a name for soldiers

What is a cohort?

a division of the army

What is an ensign?

a flag labeling a group or the person carrying the flag

The horse in general is what?


5,000 soldiers or 10 cohorts

a legion

a conference between opposing leaders before a battle


a captive who pays for their freedom


Where do Cassius/ Brutus and Antony/ Octavius fight?


On what date is Julius Caesar assassinated?

March 15, 44 B.C.

How many days does the play cover?


How long do the actual events in the play take?

about three years

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