Jenny's CRRN

which of the following represents the than nurses grasps of the significance of the capitated fee system for service?
understand the costs associated with care
what is the most crucial factor influencing short term and long term functional outcomes in pediatric rehab
development, maturation, and growth
what is cross-subsidization?
the practice of assigning some patients more costs than they incur and others less
what is the contribution margin?
amount by which which the price exceeds the variable cost. if the margin is positive the organization benefits by that amount.
what is contractual allowance?
discounts from normal charges given to large payers for health care services
what is cost reimbursement?
the revenue based on the organization receiving payment for costs incurred
the cost of health care has positively impacted by
payment for home care services with federal funds
what is one of the overall purposes of spirituality?
to help people develop a cohesive view of the meaning of their lives
what should rehab nurse do prior to dc for an elderly patient with urge incontinence to the home environment?
perform a home evaluation to assure that obstacles are removed from the path to the bathroom
nursing theorist that developed a model for data collection system of 10 functional health patterns necessary for the assessment of a patients health status
Marjory Gordon
what nursing theorist developed a health care systems model in which the person is viewed as an open system in interaction with the environment?
Betty Neuman
what nursing theorist identified four central concepts that provide the foundation for nursing theories: person, environment, health and nursing
jacqueline Fawcett
the reflex arc associated with micturition is located at which level of the spinal cord?
cost control efforts In the united states are characterized by a combination of government regulation and market-based competition. which of the following is an example of a regulation-based cost-containment strategy?
restrictions on supply of physicians
which cranial nerves are most affected in persons with multiple sclerosis?
2 and 3
each method of paying health care providers has incentives or imposes financial risks to affect choices and decisions. which method places all the risk on the payer of health care?
fee for service payment
what is prospective payment?
health plans shift part of the financial to hospitals by paying a fixed amount based on admission diagnosis
right parietal damage causes problems with
information about directions, spatial orientation, body schema. patient will need help finding their room.
nursing theorists draw from existing knowledge in nursing as well as other disciplines. which theorist used learning and motivational theories?
Lydia hall
right hemisphere stroke's patients extremities will be positioned
upper extremity flexion and adduction with lower extremity extension.
under the Americans with disabities act an employer may legitimately refuse employment to
individual that can't perform the essential functions of the job with or without reasonable accommodations, would pose a threat to himself or others, or can't meet job prerequisites
what is the principle of social justice?
equitable distribution of health care is a societal responsibility
patients with COPD have the debilitating effects of
Dyspnea and fatigue
how often should wheelchair bound patients perform weight shifts?
every 15 minutes
Glasgow coma scale with 13-15
has mild brain injury
glascow coma scale with 9-12
has moderate brain injury
glascow coma scale less than 8
severe brain injury
level 4 on the ranchos scale would exhibit what behavior?
GCS measures which functions?
best motor, eye, verbal response
level 2 on rancho scale would exhibit
generalized response to painful stimuli, total assistance
level 3 on rancho scale would exhibit
localized response, demonstrates withdrawal or vocalization to painful stimuli
level 5 on rancho scale would exhibit
confused, inappropriate non-agitated, maximum assistance
level 6 on rancho scale would exhibit
confused, appropriate, moderate assistance
level 7 on rancho scale would exhibit
automatic, appropriate, minimum assistance for daily living skills. 30 minute attention span.
level 8 on rancho scale would exhibit
purposeful, appropriate, stand by assistance, 1 hour attention span
level 9 on rancho scale would exhibit
purposeful, appropriate, stand by assistance on request, 2 hour attention span
level 10 on rancho scale would exhibit
purposeful, appropriate, modified independent
left hemisphere CVA symptoms
impaired speech and language aphasia, impaired comprehension, cautious, aware of deficits
right hemisphere CVA symptoms
impaired judgment & insight, left side neglect, spatial-perceptual deficits
damage to brainstem causes
impaired cardiac, respiratory, and vasomotor function, wakefulness
damage to cerebellum causes
impaired fine motor movement, balance, and coordination
glascow coma scale less than 8
is severe brain injury
glascow coma scale 9-12
is moderate brain injury
myasthenia gravis
symptoms include muscle fatigue, drooping eyelids, difficulty with speech and swallowing, weakness in extremities, and respiratory difficulty.
guilliain-barre syndrome
triggered by an infection. ascending paralysis. starts at hands and arms.