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Sections 1: Congress 2: House of Representatives 3: The Senate

How many houses are in congress?

2 (bicameral)

What are the 2 houses in Congress?

Senate & House of Representatives

How many senators are there?

100 (2 for each state)

How many representatives are there?
Which state has the most?

435; California w/ 55

Members of the house of representatives in the house are elected for how long?

2 years

The head of the house is _________?
How much money does he make?

John Boehner; $235,000

How is the head of the house elected?

He/she is voted on by the representatives.

What are the qualifications for membership in the house?

1. at least 25 years old
2. must have lived in the US for 7 years
3. must live in the state which he/she represents

What are the other 4 types of officers in the house and what is their primary responsibility?

1.majority leader
2.minority leader
3.majority whip ; make sure political parties vote
4.minority whip; " "


a formal document charging a public official with misconduct in office


any bill that requires revenue

New Jersey's representative in the House of Representatives

Frank Lobiando

Members of the Senate are elected to _ year terms

6 years

Qualifications for members of the Senate

1. at least30 years old
2. citizen of USA for 9 years
3. must live in the state which he/she represents

leader/head of the Senate (Name & Title)

Joe Biden, VP

What does the leader/head of the Senate do?

casts a vote in the case that Senate is tied

If the leader of the Senate is absent, who fills his/her spot? (Name & Title)

David Inouye, president pro temp

The 4 other types of officers in the Senate

1.majority leader
2.minority leader
3.majority whip ; make sure political parties vote
4.minority whip; " "

the 3 exclusive powers of Senate (House doesn't have it)

1. must ratify treaties by the president
2. acts like jury during impeachment process
3. checks president's appointments

New Jersey's 2 senators

1. Frank Loutenberg
2. Robert Menendez

define quorum

more than half

how long is a session of congress?

2 years

3 most important committees in congress

appropriations (money), ways & means (reinforces laws) rules (makes laws & bills)

3 types of punishments each house can apply to its members

denunciation, censure, expulsion

define denunciation

to take back

define censure

official expression of disapproval

define expulsion

booted out

congressional record

where each house's everyday proceedings are kept

habeas corpus

the right not to be held in prison without first being charged with a specific crime

bill of attainder

a law that punishes a person accused of a crime without a trial or a fair hearing in court

titles of nobility

one cannot assign another person a title

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