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U.S. History Chapter 4

The purpose of the British army's march on Concord, Massachusetts, in April 1775 was to seize the __________ stored there.
war supplies
In May 1775 shortly after it convened, the Second Contitental Congress formed the __________ under the leadership of __________ .
Continental Army, George Washington
According to your text, the first major batle of the Revolutionary War was the Battle of __________ .
Bunker Hill
After the Battle of Bunker Hill, Congress and the bulk of the American people were still reluctant to __________ .
declare independence
The author of the tract, Common Sense, which boldly called for complete independence and attacked not only King George III, but also the diea of monarchy itself, was __________ .
Thomas Paine
A major British advantage in 1776 was their far larger __________ than the colonies.
An American advantage in the war for independence was British reluctance to engage in __________ against the colonies.
full scale war
The best estimate of the proportion of Patriots and Tories during the war for independence is that __________ were much more numerous than __________ , but large numbers of Americans were indifferent.
patriots, tories
As a group, the __________ in America came from every social and economic class and geographic areas.
Battles in and around __________ in August and September of 1776 were ignominious defeats for Washington's forces and seemed to presage an easy British triumph in the war.
New York City
The battles of Trenton and Princeton in December 1776 were important because the army's __________ was boosted after a series of defeats.
The major British defeat of 1777 at __________ was caused mostly by the extremely poor coordination of the campaign.
The United States most valubable ally in the Revolution was __________ .
During the winter of 1778, Washington's army endured severe shortages of food and clothing while camped at __________ .
Valley Forge
The most overwhelming American defeat in the war was General Clinton's May 1780 capture of __________ .
The British defeat at __________ resulted largely from the French fleet winning control of Chesapeake Bay and preventing Cornwallis from escaping from the peninsula by sea.
The United States recieved very favorable terms in the __________ (1783) because the American commissioners skillfully played rival European powers against each other.
peace of paris
The union of American states under the __________ was a league of frienship, in which the states were sovereign and the national government had only weak delegated powers.
Articles of Confederation
The American government raised over $200 million and much of the cost of the Revolutionary war by __________ .
printing it
The most significant change in the new state governments was the removal of __________, making them more responsive to public opinion.
outside control
In the new state governments created during the Revolution, power was concentrated in the __________ .
The immediate effect of the __________ upon slavery was that northern states moved toward emancipation of their slaves, and most southern states restriced the importation of slaves.
American Revolution
The text notes that during and after the Revolution, slavery __________ where it was not economically important.
A major source of the new feeling of __________ after the Revolutionary War was the comon sacrifice by soldiers and civilians during the war.
The law which divided the Western territories into 6-mile square townships was the __________ or 1785.
land ordinance
The measure which established governments for the western territories was the __________ of 1787.
Northwest ordinance
George Washinton's greatest strength as a symbol of American nationalism was his personal sacrifices and his obvious disinclination toward becoming a __________ .
According to the map, "The United States Under the Articles of Confederation, 1787," one state which claimed that its western boundary extended to the Mississippi River was __________ .
North Carolina
In the opinion of your textbook, most American citizens in the 1780s gave their first loyalty to their __________ .