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  1. The formula for finding power us:
  2. The # of times a machine multiples the effort force is called:
  3. slippery substances that reduce friction are called:
  4. The force exerted by a fluid is called _____ friction
  5. The MA of a machine that moves 800 kg resistance with a 200 kg effort force is:
  1. a P = w divided by t OR P= f x d divided by t
  2. b lubricants
  3. c 4
  4. d fluid
  5. e mechanical advantage (MA)

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  1. short in height and long in length
  2. simple or compound
  3. sliding
  4. Resistance (Force and Arm), Effort (Force and Arm), Fulcrum, and a Plank/Bar
  5. Spring Scale

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  1. A force can be exerted on an object without work being done because...make an object move, slow down an object, stop an object from moving, and change the direction of the object


  2. The 2 arms of a lever are:The Lever, The Pulley, The Wheel and Axle, The Inclined Plane, The Wedge, and The Screw


  3. The formula for finding the MA of any simple machine is:w = f x d


  4. Which gear is always listed first in a gear ratio? (driving or driven)MA = l divided by h OR MA = RF divided by EF


  5. What does IMA stand for?Ideal Mechanical Advantage


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