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  1. The formula for finding power us:
  2. A machine with a MA of 5 mulitplies the effort force _____ times?
  3. The mechanical advantage of a lever that has an effort arm and resistance arm of 10 cm is:
  4. The # of times a machine multiples the effort force is called:
  5. 2 things a screw can do are ____ and ____
  1. a fasten and raise
  2. b P = w divided by t OR P= f x d divided by t
  3. c 1
  4. d mechanical advantage (MA)
  5. e 5

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  1. rolling
  2. Length divided by Height
  3. push or pull
  4. Gear
  5. The Lever, The Pulley, and The Wheel and Axle

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  1. the fulcrum, effort, and resistance are in what order in a 2nd class lever?fulcrum, resistance, effort


  2. Force is measured with:Newtons


  3. The 3 types of lever classes are:fixed, moveable, and block and tackle


  4. The difference between IMA and AMA is _____ is not taken into accountfluid


  5. when solid objects slide over each other _____ friciton resultsfluid