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  1. What are the 2 ways to find the MA of a pulley?
  2. What does IMA stand for?
  3. Force is measure in:
  4. The formula for IMA is:
  5. The 3 simple machines that are forms of a lever are:
  1. a The Lever, The Pulley, and The Wheel and Axle
  2. b Ideal Mechanical Advantage
  3. c MA = RF divided by EF or fixed=1, moveable=2, and block and tackle=3 or more
  4. d Newtons
  5. e Length divided by Height

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  1. MA = RF divided by EF
  2. fixed and block and tackle
  3. push or pull
  4. MA = l divided by h OR MA = RF divided by EF
  5. driving

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  1. The # of times a machine multiples the effort force is called:mechanical advantage (MA)


  2. A force can do 4 things...make an object move, slow down an object, stop an object from moving, and change the direction of the object


  3. Is the fulcrum, effort, of resistance in the middle for a 3rd class lever?fulcrum, resistance, effort


  4. slippery substances that reduce friction are called:lubricants


  5. 2 things a screw can do are ____ and ____split, fasten, and cut