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  1. The 3 types of lever classes are:
  2. A Lever is made up of what 4 parts?
  3. slippery substances that reduce friction are called:
  4. The formula for finding power us:
  5. THe formula for AMA is:
  1. a P = w divided by t OR P= f x d divided by t
  2. b Resistance (Force and Arm), Effort (Force and Arm), Fulcrum, and a Plank/Bar
  3. c 1st class, 2nd class, and 3rd class
  4. d lubricants
  5. e RF divided by EF

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  1. fulcrum, resistance, effort
  2. water, oil, and air
  3. fasten and raise
  4. MA = RF divided by EF or fixed=1, moveable=2, and block and tackle=3 or more
  5. LARGER!

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  1. Gear Ratios are caluculated by...finding the LCM of the 2 gears based on the # of teeth they have, and dividing the LCM by the # of teeth they each have


  2. A ____ is a wheel with teethSpring Scale


  3. The MA of a machine that moves 800 kg resistance with a 200 kg effort force is:The Wedge, The Screw, and The Inclined Plane


  4. A force can do 4 things...push or pull


  5. A force is a ___ or ___Newtons