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  1. The # of times a machine multiples the effort force is called:
  2. What are the 2 ways to find the MA of a wheel and axle?
  3. The gear transmitting the force is called the _____ gear
  4. The formula for finding work is:
  5. The 3 types of lever classes are:
  1. a driving
  2. b w = f x d
  3. c MA = Wheel Diameter divided by Axle Diameter OR MA = RF divided by EF
  4. d 1st class, 2nd class, and 3rd class
  5. e mechanical advantage (MA)

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  1. Newton-meters (N-m) OR Joules (J)
  2. something has to move and the motion has to be in the direction of the applied force
  3. moveable
  4. P = w divided by t OR P= f x d divided by t
  5. lubricants

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  1. What are the 2 ways to find the MA of a lever?MA = RF divided by EF or MA = l divided by w


  2. The 6 simple machines are:The Lever, The Pulley, The Wheel and Axle, The Inclined Plane, The Wedge, and The Screw


  3. Force is measure in:Newtons


  4. Do you need to exert a LARGER or SMALLER force than the force of friction in oreder to move an object?LARGER!


  5. Is work being done when you carry an object a distance? Why?100 grams