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  1. What are the 2 ways to find the MA of a lever?
  2. Is the fulcrum, effort, of resistance in the middle for a 3rd class lever?
  3. Which gear is always listed first in a gear ratio? (driving or driven)
  4. This pulleys cannot change the direction of the applied force:
  5. The formula for IMA is:
  1. a The effort
  2. b moveable
  3. c Length divided by Height
  4. d MA = EA divided by RA or MA = RF divided by EF
  5. e driving

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  1. 4
  2. driven
  3. lubricants
  4. 1
  5. No, the object isn't moving, you are!!!!!!

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  1. The weight a resistance that is lifted on a machine with 10 kg of effort force and a mechanical advantage of 4 is ___ kg40


  2. A force can do 4 things...make an object move, slow down an object, stop an object from moving, and change the direction of the object


  3. when solid objects slide over each other _____ friciton resultssliding


  4. A force is a ___ or ___Newtons


  5. A ____ is a wheel with teethpush or pull