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  1. What does AMA stand for?
  2. What are the 2 ways to find the MA of a wheel and axle?
  3. The 3 smiple machines that are forms of an inclined plane are:
  4. 3 examples of fluids are:
  5. The 3 types of lever classes are:
  1. a Actual Mechanical Advantage
  2. b The Wedge, The Screw, and The Inclined Plane
  3. c MA = Wheel Diameter divided by Axle Diameter OR MA = RF divided by EF
  4. d water, oil, and air
  5. e 1st class, 2nd class, and 3rd class

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  1. mechanical advantage (MA)
  2. MA = RF divided by EF or fixed=1, moveable=2, and block and tackle=3 or more
  3. Newton-meters (N-m) OR Joules (J)
  4. Friction
  5. Simple Machines

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  1. The gear transmitting the force is called the _____ geardriven


  2. How much power is used when a person pushes an object with 100N of force a distance of 10m in 5 seconds?No, the object isn't moving, you are!!!!!!


  3. This type of inclined plane gives a greater MA:short in height and long in length


  4. This pulleys cannot change the direction of the applied force:fixed and block and tackle


  5. What are the 2 ways to find the MA of a lever?MA = EA divided by RA or MA = RF divided by EF