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  1. The gear recieving that force is called the _____ gear
  2. The unit we use to measure power is:
  3. when solid objects roll over each other _____ friction results
  4. The 3 types of pulley's are:
  5. Which gear is always listed first in a gear ratio? (driving or driven)
  1. a rolling
  2. b Watts (W)
  3. c fixed, moveable, and block and tackle
  4. d driving
  5. e driven

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  1. fasten and raise
  2. MA = EA divided by RA or MA = RF divided by EF
  3. water, oil, and air
  4. moveable
  5. push or pull

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  1. A Lever is made up of what 4 parts?Resistance (Force and Arm), Effort (Force and Arm), Fulcrum, and a Plank/Bar


  2. A force that acts in a direction opposite to the motion of the moving object us called:mechanical advantage (MA)


  3. The 6 simple machines are:The Lever, The Pulley, The Wheel and Axle, The Inclined Plane, The Wedge, and The Screw


  4. This type of inclined plane gives a greater MA:short in height and long in length


  5. The difference between IMA and AMA is _____ is not taken into accountfluid