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Vine Diseases and Pests Marty

Fungal Diseases
Powedery Mildew (Oidium)
Downey Mildew (Peronospora)
Eurtypa Dieback "Dead Arm"
Esca (Black Measles)
Black Rot
Bunch Rot (Grey Rot and Botrytis)
Bacterial Diseases
Pierce's Disease
Crown Gall (Black Knot)
Bacterial Blight
Viral Diseases
Leafroll Virus
Fanleaf Degeneration
Phytoplasma Diseases
Flavesence Doree
Powdery Mildew
fungal disease
also called Oidium
thrives in humid but dry conditions
affects green parts of plant
affects yields if before flowering, affects ripening after
controlled by sulfur and fungucides
Downey Mildew
fungal disease
attacks green portions of the vine, inhibiting photosynthesis
Bordeaux Mixture prohibits its grwoth
Bordeaux Mixture
mixture of copper sulfate, lime, and water used to combat downey mildew as well as bacterial blight
Eutypa Dieback
fungal disease
also called "Dead Arm"
carried by rain and enters through pruning wounds
reduces yeild but not quality
also known as black measles
fungal disease
caused by complex of fungi
no known control or cure
spread by rain or pruning shears
Black Rot
fungal disease
came to Europe on Phylloxera resistant
very bad yeild reductions
controlled through fungicide sprays
Bunch Rot
grouping of fungal diseases
includes grey rot and botrytis cinerea
Botrytis conditions
warm temperatures and humidity of at least 90%
Pierce's Disease
bacterial disease
transmitted by glassy winged sharpshooter usually near vineyards
reduces chlorophyll, kills vine
quarantine necessary
Crown Gall
also called black know
causes tumors in trunk
spread through bacteria infected budwood
Bacterial Blight
bacterial disease
kills young grapevine shoots
spread by rain and pruning tools
can be controlled by Bordeaux Mixture
Leafroll virus
viral disease
reponsible for 60% of worlds crop losses
pretty colors, but downward curling of the leaves
reduced yeilds and delayed ripening
incurable but does not kill vine
Fanleaf degeneration
"nepovirus" spread by nematodes feeding on infected rootstock
severely reduces yeilds and productive lifespan
Flavesence Doree
phytoplasma disease
spread by leafhoppers and cuttings
insecticides used to control leafhoppers