13 terms

gym test

components of a cardiovascular system are
heart, blood vessels, and blood
function on the lungs
make carbon dioxide
what level of intensity is necessary to develop cardiovascular fitness
moderate target zone
what causes muscle fatigue
little oxygen getting to the muscle
how training effect changes you resting heart rate
it will lower
how does your body increase blood flow during exercise
your heart rate goes up
two types of lipoproteins and how the effect your body
HDL-good LDL-bad
components of a healthy cardiovascular system
high HDL, low LDL, low fibrin
what is fibrin
what forms blood clots
what is anaerobic training
short, tense, fast exercising
what kind of sport best builds cardiovascular fitness
continuous exercise. Like jogging, swimming, or XC skiing.
how does your blood flow
1. out of your artery
2. moves around your body
3. veins bring it back to your heart
what do you need to do in your target zone to improve your cardiovascular fitness
5-6 days per week, 20-60 minutes, 65%-90% heart rate