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Ural Mountains

What form the eastern boundary of Europe

Pacific Ocean

Russia expands east to the Pacific Ocean


How many republics were in voluntary association with Russia


What religion was the USSR originally?

Karl Marx

Who lived in great britain during the industrial revolution and shaped many communistic ideas


what is czar latin for?

the Bolsheviks

who executed czar nicholas and his family?


who became leader of the bolsheviks and announced all power to the soviets, transfers of land to the peasants and factory workers?

October Revolution

What big revolution occured on October 1917


a secret police with powers to arrest and execute opponents

New economic policy

what does NEP stand for?

man of steel

stalin literally means..


whose great ambitin was to turn the soviet union into an industrial nation


what were the miserable siberian labor camps called?

the warsaw pact

what organization of communist nations were created to combat the power of nato?

North atlantic treaty organization

what does nato stand for


which leader of the USSR won the nobel peace prize

Russian soviet federated socialist republic

what does RSFSR stand for?

kingdom of serbs, croats, and slovenes

what is yugoslavia sometimes called?

ethnic cleansing

the mass expulsion and killing of one ethic or religious group in an area by another ethnic or religious group in that area

serbs and jews

who was first killed by ethnic cleansing


a chronic political splintering and fracturing between croats, serbs, and muslims


involving people of different religious faiths


boundaries within a single major religious faith


Who was indicted in 1999 for his role in the genocide and ethnic cleansing in bosnia and kosovo

the hague war crimes tribunal

where was milosevic tried?

butcher of the balkans


the patriarch of constantinople

who acts as the president of any ecumenical council and is the 'pope' of the orthodox church

the eastern orthodox church

what is the second largest church in the world?

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