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Chapter 3: Fitness Unit

Chapter 3 Physical Activity and Fitness
The number of bones in the human body
600 - 650
The number of muscles in the human body
A planned physical activity done regularly to build or maintain one's own fitness
Being able to handle physical work and play each day without becoming overly tired
The ability to perform difficult physical activity without getting over tired
The ability of your muscles to use force
Aerobic Exercise
Rhythmic, moderate to vigorous activity that uses large amounts of oxygen and works the heart and lungs
Anaerobic Exercise
Intense physical activity that builds muscle but does not use large amounts of oxygen
The ability to move joints easily through a full range of motion
The number of days you workout each week
Strong flexible tissue that allows joints to move easily, cushions bones and supports soft tissues
How much energy you use when you workout
Connective tissue that joins muscles to bones and bones to muscles
A type of connective tissue that holds bones to other bones at the joint
Muscular System
Tissues that move parts of the body and controls the organs; they work in pairs
Target Heart Rate
The number of heartbeats per minute you should aim for during moderate to vigorous aerobic activity to help your circulatory system the most
Skeletal System
Supports, protects and gives shape to our body
Places where two or more bones meet
FITT Principle
F = Frequency; I = Intensity; T = Time; T = Type
Smooth Muscle
Muscle you can find in your body's organs and blood vessels
Cardiac Muscle
Muscle you can you find in the heart
Compact Bone
The first hard outer surface of many bones
Spongy Bone
The second layer of bone that is porous with blood vessels and nerves
The third, inside layer of bone that helps make red and white blood cells
Gentle exercises that get heart muscles ready for moderate to vigorous activity
Gentle exercises that let the body adjust to ending a workout
Heart Rate
The number of times your heart beats in one minute
The place where two or more bones meet