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engl 151 10 quiz #1

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The individual paragraphs that prove your thesis by explaining your arguments or providing the information to readers. Each paragraph is focused on a single idea (usually noted with a focus word/phrase to explain what you will be saying about that idea) stated in a topic sentence. In turn, each paragraph supports, explains, or proves your thesis. You need to keep two things in mind when writing a body paragraph: 1) the overall focus of the essay (thesis); and 2) how this particular paragraph supports/proves/ explains it (focus word/s). When typed, a paragraph should roughly cover 1/3 to 1/2 of a page. Any more, and the reader probably needs a break; any less, and the reader isn't satisfied. This, of course, overlooks the occasional one sentence zinger paragraph.
One way to remember what a body paragraph should include is TEEC. Topic sentence, Evidence, Explanation, Conclusion.
Sample paragraph format
1. A main point stated in one sentence (make it an argument/statement -- "Because handguns are easy to hide, they
are more likely to be used by criminals" a claim that needs to be backed up). I'll call this a topic sentence.
2. An explanation of any general words in your main point.
3. Evidence or details that support your point (use descriptions, statistics, quotes from people who are involved in
the issue)
4. The reader cannot read your mind: after each example, you have to tell him or her exactly what you want it to
prove/show. Ask the following question in your head "how does this example prove my point?" and "why is this quote important in this paragraph?" and then it answer in your essay. This is where you prove your argument.
As a sentence starter, try "This" or a restatement of your example (ex. "This small size") and then an explanatory word (illustrates, shows, demonstrates, proves, suggests, defines, supports, indicates, results or reveals) to begin your commentary (ex. "This small size results in a firearm that is too easy to conceal, . . . .").
5. A sentence to sum up.
The info on body paragraph is adapted from Rules of Thumb