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  1. Invective
  2. Canonical
  3. Disconcerting
  4. Diminution
  5. Herculean
  1. a Ruffled, upset. That which upsets harmony or balance.
  2. b Reduction or decrease due to outside influence.
  3. c Strong and powerful; reminiscent of the god Hercules in vitality. Also can mean daunting or formidable-so difficult as to require the strength of Hercules
  4. d In accordance with or conforming to established (church) law. Also accepted as belonging within a body of work.
  5. e Abusive language. denunciatory or overly harsh speech or writing.

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  1. To confuse or perplex. To mystify or confuse, as with bewildering arguments or misleading statements.
  2. A fabrication or unfounded story.
  3. Extremely talkative. Someone prone to nervous chatter.
  4. Capable of varying interpretation. Dubious, uncertain, or suspect.
  5. A minor, unreal or eerie similarity. Can also mean an effigy.

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  1. VerboseWordy. That which uses unnecessary language.


  2. WritheTo twist (the body), especially in reaction to pain or strong sensation.


  3. Tete-a-TeteA meeting in which two people meet face-to-face.


  4. AcquiescenceThe act of passive agreement or assent without objection.


  5. Caveat Emptor"Let the buyer beware"; a latin term warning that swindles and misrepresentation are common in the world of commerce.