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  1. Secondary Source
  2. Legislation
  3. Raw materials
  4. Imperialism
  5. Historical artifacts
  1. a policy where one country tries to gain more land
  2. b having to do with the laws
  3. c materials that are needed to make other goods
  4. d items from a specific period of time
  5. e a document produced after the event

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  1. only 1 supplier of goods
  2. abolished slavery 1865
  3. having more than is needed
  4. information that is one-sided; only gives one point of view
  5. document written at the time of the event or shortly thereafter

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  1. Legislative Branchbranch that makes the laws; congress


  2. Patronageoffer someone support for what they gave you


  3. Executive branchbranch of government that carries out the laws or puts them into use; president


  4. Marketno trade; no ships go in and no ships come out


  5. Judicial Branchbranch that interpret the laws; courts and judges