History- American Revolution- Revolutionary War

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America (2.5 million people)
advantages- knew area, cause, good leaders; disadvantages- no navy, weapons, supplies, or men (untrained and short-term men)
Britain (8 million people)
advantages- huge army, well-trained, best, navy, Hessians; disadvantages- distance (money and communications), big area to conquer
German soldiers who fought for the British
Battle of Long Island (August 1776)
1400 Americans slaughtered; spy Nathan Hale captured and hung (famous quote- "I only regret i have but one life to lose for my country"); George Washington on the run; changed tactics- no battles, skirmishes, and not lose; in war GW fought 9 battles and won 3
The Crisis (read on December 23, 1776)
George Washington read to soldiers; Americans getting badly beaten; inspiration- Thomas Paine
Battle of Trenton (December of 26, 1776)
while Hessians celebrating Christmas GW sneak attacks across the icy Delaware River; Icy roads cut through Americans footwear- bloody trail; 900 confused hessians taken prisoner; victory= 1000s of volunteers joined American army ; GW- no wrong after this
french prison
Marquis de Lafayette
French soldier who served under George Washington in the American Revolution (1757-1834)
Battle of Saratoga (October 17, 1777)
ended British threat in New England and convinced France to be America's ally. Franklin was in France all this time. Layfayette in America helped persuade his countrymen and became a trusted friend of GW
Valley Forge (Winter, 1777-1778)
hungry; no shoes/clothes; merchants charged high prices; 2500 died of starvation and disease; GW kepy army together; Friedrich von Steuberg trained troops at Valley Forge into a realy army with common techniques
with no navy the Continental Congress hired private boats to attack the British; John Paul Jones raided many British ports
Benedict Arnold
hero of Saratoga; felt unappreciated; delivered defense plans for West Point Military Academy to the British since promised money and high position in the British military; GW's "great betrayal" and a blow to America's belief in themselves
wealthiest American at the time of the American Revolution (called the "banker of the revolution")
George Washington
he personally met all the soldiers in his army
took care of farm and family; made supplies; joined army; cared for the wounded
Famous Women of the American Revolution
Betsy Ross- maker of flags; Mary Ludwig Hays- "Molly Pitcher" took husbands place at the cannon; Lydia Darragh- agent for GW; lived across from General Howe and gave info; Deborah Sampson- only woman to fight, removed bullet from leg to hide identity, lectured afterward; Abigail Adams and Judith Sargeant Murrary- spoke out for women's rights and education