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Trade good from Mongol Empire that europe used a lot.
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Both laid claims to land explored by Columbus to keep the peace Pope Alexander the 11th set this dividing the non-European world into two zonesLine of demarcationTrading exploring right west of the line Spain east of the line Portugal recognized by both countriesTreaty of tordesillasGerman cartographer labeled the new region America islands explored by Columbus in the Caribbean recall the west IndiesAmerico vaspucciCrossed it's maze of Panama came to huge body of water he called the south see from SpainVasco nunez de balboaWas searching for the legendary fountain of youth discovered Florida he is from SpainJuan pounce de leonFrom Spain he's five ship sailed around South America put down at least two Mutunies faced brutal storm is rounding the continent straight became known as the straight of Magellan entered balboa South see renamed it the pacific oceanFerdinand magellanFrom England first navigator to survive a voyage around the world and explore pirate brought gold riches to Queen Elizabeth the firstSir francis drakeA passage from the coast of North America to Asia that was never found but exploration lead to new claims in their new worldNorthwest passageSailed for England found rich fishing grounds off new Foundland claimed for EnglandJohn cabotExplored St. Lawrence RiverJacques cartierSailed for the Dutch explore the Hudson riverHenry hudsonWhy did the Portuguese East Empire want control of the East IndiesBecause of Christian crusade and spicesWhich nation controlled the East Indies in the 1500s in which nation controlled every the region in the 1600sDutchBy the 1600s what was the attitude of China and Japan toward EuropeansThey saw Europeans as barbarians and had grown tired of missionaries aside from guns and precious metals Europeans had few goods that Asians wantedWhat decision did Japan make in 1639Japan began to expel all foreigners only the judge could send one ship a year to trade at the port of NagasakiSpanish conquistador who wanted gold landed in Mexico and quickly made dollars with native tribes who hated the Aztecs. 600 soldiers march toward the Aztecs capital technotitlanHernan CortesSoon agreed to become a subject of the Spanish king asked tech revolted Cortez attacked and destroyed capital Aztecs were conqueredHernan but also king montezumaSpanish conquistador who arrived in Peru and Inca empire was politically unstable following a Civil War Pizarro took advantage of this weakness by capturing the ruler I Tahoe Luba that executing him and other government officials without rulers Incas couldn't find effectively Spanish conquered and goodFrancisco PizarroWhy were the Spanish conquistadors so successful in defeating the Aztecs and IncasThey had Advanced weapon technology, horses, disease, Spanish one allies by playing an old hatred among rival Indian groupsLance granted to Spanish settlers in the colonyEcomiendasSpanish missionary who protested the abuses in demanded that Spain focus on converting the nativesBartolomeu de las casasIllegal to enslave Indians natives given the right to own cattle and raise crops Spain was too far away so can effectively enforce these abuses continuedNew laws of the indiesLarge Estate operated by the landowner informed by workers living on itPlantatoonBelieved it was immoral to enslave Indian so he suggested that Africans be imported to the New World they could be thought they were in the better to deal with hot climateLas casasSee route from Africa to the Americas were slaves suffered brutal hardships on the voyage many died of disease in Mountie traditionMiddle passageMoney used for investmentCapitalPerson who invest in business in order to make a profitCapitalistAuthorization that gave it trading company the exclusive right to trade in a particular areaCharterMerchant paid passes in the countryside to do work such as spinning and weaving that's bypassing guild regulationsDomestic systemMerchant willing to take financial risks in the hope of making large profitEntrepreneurA guarantee against loss or harmInsurancePrivate trading company in which shares or so to investors to finance business venturesJoint stock companyEconomic philosophy maintaining that a nation's economic strength depends on its golden silver treasure, to build this supply a nation should export more goods than its importsMercantilism