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  • Quadratic Formula
  • Slope
  • Slope-Intercept
  • a³-b³
  • a³+b³
  • a²-b²
  • a²-2ab+b²
  • a²+2ab+b²
  • (a+b)(c+d)
  • a(b+c)
  • sine ratio
    opposite ÷ hypotenuse
  • cosine ratio
    adjacent ÷ hypotenuse
  • tangent ratio
    opposite ÷ adjacent
  • A function is ___________ a relation
  • Direct Variation
  • Inverse Variation
  • Slope intercept form
  • Point-Slope form
  • Standard form
    Ax + By=C, where A, B, and C are not decimals or fractions, where A and B are not both zero, and where A is not a negative
  • Undefined
    When there is a vertical line that has different y points, but the same x point
  • Zero
    When there is a horizontal line that has different x points, but the same y point
  • Dividing by a negative number in an inequality
    You must flip the sign
  • Graphing < or > on a coordinate plane
    dotted line
  • Graphing ≥ or ≤ on a coordinate plane
    solid line
  • Graphing ≥ or > on a coordinate plane
    shade upwards or to the right
  • Graphing ≤ or < on a coordinate plane
    shade downwards or to the left
  • Infinitely many solutions
    when the system of equations have the same slope and y-intercept
  • One solution
    when the system of equations have different slopes
  • No solution
    when the system of equations have the same slope but different y-intercepts
  • All direct variations are ____________________
    linear functions
  • A linear function is a function that _____________ a line
  • A parent function is the simplest ____________ of a function
  • Linear parent function
    y=x or f(x)=x
  • Elimination method
    solving systems by adding or subtracting equations to eliminate a variable
  • Solution of the system of linear equations
    Any ordered pair in a system that makes all the equations true
  • Graphing method
    Graphing the system of equations and finding the point at which they intersect
  • Substitution method
    Replacing one variable with an equivalent expression containing the other variable
  • Absolute value equation
    A V-shaped graph that points upward of downward
  • Translation
    A shift of a graph horizontally, vertically, or both, which results in a graph of the same shape and size, but in a different position.
  • Area of a circle
  • Area of a square
    s², where s = length of a side
  • Area of a triangle
    ½(base x height) [or (base x height)÷2]
  • Area of a trapezoid
    ½(b₁ +b₂) x h [or (b₁ +b₂) x h÷2]
  • Perimeter of a rectangle
    2Length + 2width [or (length + width) x 2]
  • Perimeter of a square
    4s (where s = length of a side)
  • Perimeter (circumference) of a circle
    2 pi r
  • Area of rectangle, square, parallelogram
  • Circumference of a circle
    ∏d OR 2∏r
  • Area of a sector
    x°/360 times (∏r²), where x is the degrees in the angle
  • length of a sector
    x°/360 times (2 pi r), where x is the degrees in the angle
  • Circle
    Is the set of points which are all the same distance (its radius) from a certian point( the center).
  • Radius (Radii)
    A segment connecting the center of a circle to any point on the circle
  • Diameter
    The distance across the circle through the center of the circle.The diameter is twice the radius.
  • Chord
    The distance from one point on the circle to another point on the circle.
  • Sector
    The part of a circle that looks like a piece of pie. A sector is bounded by 2 radii and an arc of the circle.
  • Arc
    Part of a circle connecting two points on the circle.
  • Central Angle
    An ange whose vertex is the center of the circle
  • Circumference Formula
    C =∏d
  • Area of Circles