SOB - Whole Book Test

I have added questions from the previous quizes and combined all the questions so we should just have one place to study!.
Where did Matt and his father construct the family cabin?
What does the Indian word "nkweniss" mean? (ch6)
The advise that Matt's father gave to Matt about the bees is?
Bees are better left alone.
What quick action by Saknis plays an important part in Matt's Recover?
Saknis removed the poisonous stingers immediately.
Why do you think Matt did not lie to Saknis as he did to Ben? (ch6)
Because he was grateful to him for helping him
What does Saknis bring Matt to eat? (Ch6)
stew and cornbread
Why does Saknis want Attean to learn to read?
Attean will be able to understand the white man's barganing papers and not sign away Indian hunting ground.
What was Matt's gift? Do you think this was an appropriate gift? (ch6)
The only book Matt had ever owned - a book, Robinson Crusoe. It was not appropriate because Saknis could not read.
How does Attean feel about his reading lessons with Matt?
He does not seem to like the lessons, but likes listening to Matt read.
Why does Atttean think Robinson Crusoe wasn't as smart as an Indian?
Indian don't need anything from the ship. Indians can make all things he needs.
Why did Matt think Attean was laughing at him? (ch6)
Because Matt was clumsy with the crutch Saknis brought him to use.
How did Matt feel about teaching reading? (ch7)
Matt did not think he was a good teacher and was not sure he could do it.
How does Attean feel about his reading lessons with Matt? (ch7)
Angry and upset
How long does Matt estimate that it will take Attean to learn his lessons? (Ch7)
Might take a year.
What does Attean bring Matt when he enters the house? (Ch 7)
a large rabbit
Attean got very mad and refused to believe what?
The Indian would become the white man's slave.
What is the reason for the oil that Attean spreads on his body and hair? (Ch7)
It was supposed to keep off the mosquitoes.
What was the problem that Matt discovered as he began teaching? (ch7)
it will take many months to teach Atten to read and Attean gets angry at this and angrily knocks the book off the table and storms out of the cabin.
Does Matt think Attean will return for the reading lessons? (ch8)
What book does Matt read to Attean? Why does he skip sections of the book? (ch8)
Robinson Crusoe. He remembered that when he first read the book he found parts of it dull so he got on with the story to catch Attean's attention.
What does the word "seba" mean? (Ch8)
Seba is the Indian word for tomorrow.
What part of Robinson Crusoe does Matt begin Attean's lesson on the the second day of reading classes? (Ch8)
Crusoe is tossed from a lifeboat into the rough sea. Though Attean seems uninterested, he does ask if Robinson gets out. When told that Crusoe is the only one who survives, the boy seems satisfied, but he leaves the cabin abruptly. The lessons are over once again
What does Attean show Matt how to do? (ch9)
Make a rabbit snare.
Why did Matt change the story? (ch10)
So that Attean would not get upset and keep coming back.
What word did Matt skip? (ch10)
What is it that Attean had to find before he could teach hunting to Matt? (Ch9)
A black spruce tree root.
What are 3 things that Matt learns from Attean in chapters 5-10?
Make a snare, whittle a fishhook, and start a fire with flint
How did Attean catch fish? (ch10)
With a spear.
Attean fished with a spear, and Matt fished with a pole. True/False
True statement
What did Attean show Matt to make? Why did he show Matt about them? (ch10)
Hooks from twigs; because the hook would turn around inside the fish and the fish would not get away and Matt would never have to worry about losing a hook, he could make a new one wherever he was
What did Attean say to the fish he threw back?
"Not to tell the other fish; not scare away."
How did Attean cook the fish? (ch10)
He cut two short branches, sharpened them, then he stuck the fish on the stick from head to tail. He put a small green stick inside the fish to keep the sides apart and they cooked them over a fire.
Why does Matt need to learn to find his way around in the forest? (ch11)
so that he doesn't get lost
Why does Matt not trust Attean's dog? (ch11)
Because he thinks the dog does not like him; when the dog first saw Matt, it growled at him; the dog kept watchin him and kept its distance
How many weeks had Matt's father been gone? (ch11)
7 weeks
What did Attean think of Matt's work? (ch11)
Attean thought it was "squaw's" (women's) work
What causes Attean's dog to have such a strange nose? (ch11)
The dog had chased a porcupine and got needles all over his nose.
What is the sign of the beaver? (ch11)
a picture of a beaver that stands for the Beaver clan
Why is the sign of the beaver so important to Attean and his tribe? (ch11)
It indicates that this is the hunting territory
of the Beaver clan and no other clan can
hunt there.
How does Attean find his way around in the forest? (ch11)
Attean left markers or signs (breaking a branch, leaving a stone); nothing that would make sense to someone following them.
How did Attean cheer up Matt at the end of chapter 11? (ch11)
Attean sliced off 2 gobs of dried sap from a spruce and gave Matt one slice as a peace offering.
What did Matt decide he needed? (ch12)
Matt decided that he needed a bow.
What was wrong with the bow that Matt made? (ch12)
The bow was made with the wrong kind of wood and the arrows did not fly straight or flopped on the ground a few feet away.
How did Attean help Matt? (ch12)
Attean helped Matt find the right kind of wood for his bow.
Describe how Attean made the bow and arrow? (ch12)
Attean found a dead branch of ash and cut a piece Attean's height. He then had Matt take off the bark. Attean then marked off several inches in the center where Matt's hand would grip the bow and showed Matt where to cut the branch using a stone. Attean then used oil and rubbed the oil from one end of the bow to the other until the wood glistened. Attean then use long strands of spruce root to make the bowstring by rolling the strands together. The he tied one end to a notch in the bow and began to bend the wood until it started to bend and he slipped the other end of the bowstring over the notch at the other end.
What did Matt watch for in the forest? (ch13)
Indian signs.
What was trapped? (ch13)
Why wouldn't Attean free the trapped animal? (ch13)
The fox is on clearly marked Turtle clan territory, he explains, and a member of the Beaver clan cannot hunt there.
Why was Matt upset with Attean?(ch13)
Matt wants to end the fox's suffering, but Attean refuses.
Describe Matt's daydream. (ch13)
Matt would make up stories in which Matt and not Attean was the hero. He would kill a bear or a panther by himself or fend off a rattlesnake. Or he would learn about an enemy ban of Indians out to attack the place where Attean was sleeping and Matt would run through the woods and give the alarm in time.
Name 5 different things that Attean taught Matt how to do. (ch13)
1. make a bow and arrow
2. Attean pointed out plants he must never eat.
3. How to make a rain cape by punching a hole through the center of a wide strip of birchbark
4. how to use plants for cooking
5. How to use the milky juice in the stem of a small orange flower to take away the stind of insect bits or poison ivy.
To whom did Attean tell the story of Robinson Crusoe? (ch14)
To his brothers.
What story from the Bible was similar to the Indian legend? (ch14)
The story of Noah.
Why does Matt decide to share Bible stores? (ch 14)`
Because they were filled with adventure and told in simple language that did not need skipping.
Who was Gluskabe? (ch14)
A mighty hunter from the norty. Very strong; makes wind blow and thunder; makes all animals; makes Indians.
How is Matt's Bible story similar to Atten's story? (ch 14)
Matt tells the store of Noah and the Ark. Attean has a similar story about a flood. Gluskabeis the mighty hunder who made the wind, thunder, animals, and Indians. The Indian version of the flood involves an Indian and three ducks.
Retell the day of the greatest adventure. (ch15)
Attean and Matt decided to visit the beaver dam again. They ran into a bear cub and its mother. Matt was carrying a rabbit he killed with his bow and arrow. Matt threw the rabbit at the bear and hit the bear on the nose. The bear was distracted for a moment. Attean shot the bear with his bow and arrow between the eyes and then again in the shoulder. The bear fell to the ground and Attean stabbed the bear with his knife.
Why did Attean ask for the bear's forgiveness? (ch 15)
Because the Indian did not kill mother bears with cubs.
What is Matt's role in the killing of the bear? (ch 15)
Matt swings the dead rabbit at the angry bear's face, giving Attean just enought time to point and shoot an arrow at the bear.
What are the roles of men and women in Attean's tribe?
Men hunt. Women tend the garden and cook the food.
What did Attean say was squaw work?
Weeding the garden
Why did Matt feel resentful?
Because he felt that it must be nice for Attean to just hunt and fish all day long and not have any work to do.
Describe the Indians' celebration honoring Attean's bear kill. (ch 16)
The Indians were dressed in their finest clothing. There was dancing, feasting, joking, storytelling, and an overall good feeling.
What was different about Attean when he came to get Matt? (ch 16)
Attean had washed his body and it shone with fresh grease. Attean had combed his hair and down his cheeks on either side and on his forehead he had streaks of blue and white paint.
What was Attean's necklace made of? (ch16)
A row of new bear's claws.
Why did Attean come for Matt? (ch 16)
To take him to a feast at this village made by the squaws with the bear.
What was Saknis wearing at the feast? (ch 16)
Saknis was wearing a long red coat decorated by a handsome beaded collar and metal armbands. A crown of feathers rose from the beaded band sround his forehead.
What did Matt think Saknis looked like? (ch 16)
Matt though Saknis looked like a king.
As the men gathered in a circle, what did Attean do? (ch 16)
Attean began to tell them about Matt and Attean's adventure with the bear.
After the story, what did they do? (ch 16)
The men sprang totheir feet and began to dance.
Did the women and children join in the dancing? (ch 16)
Did Matt join in the dancing? (ch 16)
What happened to Matt as he caught on to the dancing? (ch 16)
Matt's confidence swelled and he was filled with excitement and happiness.
After the dancing, what took place? (ch 16)
The feasting began.
Did Matt enjoy the bear meat? (ch 16)
What was Attean doing when Matt was eating the bear meat? (ch 16)
Attean was sitting next to Matt eating nothing.
Why was Attean not eating? (ch 16)
Because Attean killed the bear and though that if he ate the bear he might not get another bear.
Where did Matt sleep? (ch 16)
In one of the wigwams.
How did the village look to Matt in the daylight? (ch 17)
Shabby and cluttered.
Explain the differences in attitudes of Attean's grandfather and grandmother toward white men. (ch17)
Attean's grandmother hates all white men, because her daughter was killed by white men for no reason when Attean was a small child.
How did the wigwams look to Matt? (ch 17)
The wigwams were ramshackle and flimsy.
What does Matt notice on his way home from the village? (ch 17)
Matt notices many signs of the beaver, and he realizes that he could easily find his way back to the clan's village one day.
Where were the men? (ch 17)
The men had gone with Saknis to hunt for deer.
Why did Attean not go hunting with the other men? (ch 17)
Attean did not go with the men because he did not have a gun.
How did Attean's grandmother feel about white men? (ch 17)
Attean's grandmother hates all white men.
What happened to Attean's father and mother? (ch17)
Attean's mother, was killed by white men for no reason. Attean's father went out to find his wife's killers and never returned.
What did Attean's grandfather say about white men? (ch 17)
Attean's grandfather said that the Indians must learn to live with the white man.
What did Matt find in the forest one day? (ch18)
Attean's dog in a trap.
What did Matt decide to do about the trapped animal? (ch18)
First tries to free it and then goes to get help by the grandmother
What did Attean's dog do when Matt tried to rescue him? (ch 18)
The dog snapped at Matt and he scraped his hand on the trap.
Where did Matt go? (ch 18)
He went to find Attean.
Describe Attean's grandmother. (ch18)
She doesn't understand English and she hates Matt because he is white
Who helped Matt? (ch 18)
Attean's sister, Marie.
What did Marie bring with her? (ch 18)
A large chunk of meat and a small blanket.
When Matt and Marie found the dog, what did she do to help? (ch 18)
She gave the dog the meat, unfolded the blanket, and threw it over the dog's head and held the dog.
Who opened the trap? (ch 18)
What surprises Matt about Marie? (ch 18)
Marie is strong, kind and helpful.
Why did Attean's grandmother change her mind about Matt? (ch19)
The grandmother was impressed that Matt went to so much trouble for Attean's dog
How do we know that Attean's grandmother now thought Matt was OK? (ch 19)
Because she sent Attean to find Matt to invite him back to the village to eat.
What happened to Matt in the game? (ch 19)
He lost his shirt.
Who got the shirt back for Matt? (ch 19)
What did Attean say about Matt losing his shirt in the game? (ch 19)
That it had been a joke.
What did the dog do when they all got into the canoe? (ch 19)
The dog jumped into the canoe and settled down a few inches from Matt's knees.
What did Matt do to the dog? (ch 19)
Matt put his hand on the dog's back and scratched the dog behind the ragged ear.
What did Attean say about the way the dog was behaving? (ch 19)
That the dog remembered what Matt did for him when Matt released him from the trap.
Why does Matt no longer feel alone in the forest? (ch 19)
Matt is beginning to feel accepted by the Indians. Matt feels that he has been accepted by the Beaver clan, and he is finally respected by Attean. He has friends, and he can make his own way in the wilderness.
Describe Attean's appearance after he became a man. (ch20-21)
His head is shave and he is carrying a rifle
Why would Matt not go live with the Indians? (ch21)
Matt's loyalty to his family wins out, and he decides to stay
What gift did Attean give to Matt? Why do you think he gave this gift to Matt?(ch21)
As a parting gift, Attean gives Matt his beloved old dog, a geasbnfsrhis "white brother." It is his most precious gift.
Describe what Matt did with one of the blankets.
What prevents Matt from opening the cabin door to go outside? (Ch24)
heavy snowfall
When Matt is bringing in wood, who is the first person from his family that he sees? (Ch25)
his Dad
When Matt is bringing in wood, who is the second person from his family that he sees? (Ch25)
his sister Sarah darts out from behind his Dad
Does Matt's family make it to the cabin in time for Christmas?
They had all been sick with typhus (a very nasty disease that we don't often get any more, thanks to vaccinations... needles), and were not able to come to Maine as soon as they thought they would. But they do get there before Christmas, because Matt's mother didn't want him to be alone.
Who broke into the cabin, turned things over and took most of Matt's food?
a bear
In the summer months, how did Matt get water to the corn field?
he carried the water in buckets up to the field from the river
What is a hatchet?
a small axe intended to be held with one hand
Why did Matt want Attean to come by the cabin every day?
He liked having the company
Why was having the rifle stolen such a problem?
he needed it for hunting animals
what made Matt feel good about after he and Attean had killed the bear?
Attean said that Matt had move fast "like an Indian"
In what year did the book take place?
What did Ben steal from the cabin?
Matt's father's gun