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Which factors influence KPIs, and business challenges for call centers?
Hint: C-C-R
a) Customer Satisfaction
b) Cost of Service
c) Revenue
For which KPI area is FCR (First Call Resolution) a driver?
Customer Satisfaction
For which KPI area is AHT (Average Handle Time) a driver?
Cost of Service
For which KPI area is Retention a driver?
What are common call deflection techniques?
a) Email
b) Web
c) Chat
d) Social Media Channels
What can you see at trust.salesforce.com?
Hint: SD-OT-SI
a) Scheduled downtimes
b) Online threats
c) Status of the Instance
With which call center type is "Companies often try to reduce cost in this area" associated?
Help Desk
With which call center type is "High Turnover Environment" associated?
Customer Service
With which call center type is "Free or Fee Based support based on the Entitlement" associated?
Technical Support
With which call center type is "Need Automatic Routing Systems" associated?
Field Service
With which call center type is "High Volumes" associated?
What is the recommended order to implement?
Hint: S-A-C-A-C-SCC
Security, Accounts, Contacts, Activities, Cases, Service Cloud Console
What should you ask for as Discovery Preparation?
Hint: O-P-R-R-S
a) Org Charts
b) Process maps, training docs
c) Report samples
d) requirements doc (old or new)
e) source system field lists
What are the six main steps in a consulting engagement?
Hint: P-A-D-B-V-D
Plan, Analyze, Design, Build, Validate, Deploy
Guidelines for Case Management
Hint: 50-5-20
a) 50 fields
b) 5 record types and page layouts
c) 20 assignment rules
Impact of using person accounts
a) Contacts inherit visibility of accounts
b) Two records for each customer
c) Cannot be turned off once enabled
d) Test in the sandbox
What are the three Entitlement Management models?
a) Entitlements only
b) Entitlements + Service Contract
c) Entitlements + Service Contract + Line Items
On Demand email to case
a) Email parsing requires customization
b) Email attachment size < 10MB
c) Limits on email-to-case volume
d) Case comment email notifications are not customization
a) Behind firewall
b) Attachments > 10 MB
c) Can have multiple emails (and should, when using email-to-case and on-demand email-to-case together).
d) Requires download and install of Email-to-case agent
4 CTI features
Hint: S-C-A-C
a) Screen Pop
b) Click to dial
c) Automatic call logging
d) Call Control
Benefits of Screen Pop
a) Provides Context
b) Displays Caller's information in Salesforce
c) Improves Efficiency
Benefits of Click to dial
a) Outbound calling from a phone record
b) Clickable links
c) Call from a list view to quickly call large numbers of Clients
Benefits of Automatic Call Logging
a) Integrated call logging with notes
b) Automatic call times directly associated with various salesforce.com objects
Benefits of Call Control
a) End calls, hold, transfer, and conference from within Salesforce
High Level Inbound CTI Architecture
Customer Calls → Telephony System → CTI Adapter to SFDC → Agent Softphone
High Level Outbound CTI Architecture
SFDC Softphone → CTI Adapter → Telephone System
Implications for CTI Implementation
a) Find a compatible adapter on the Appexchange
b) Install the adapter based on your vendor specifications
c) Configure a call center in Salesforce CRM Call Center for your particular needs
d) Assign agents to the Call Center
Capabilities of Self-Service Portal
a) Log a case
b) View a case
c) Search for solutions
Limitations of Self-Service Portal
a) Not available to new customers
b) Can't update cases
Capabilities of Customer Portal
a) Log, view, edit, and close cases
b) Self registration
Are Sites Authenticated or Unauthenicated?
Channel Solutions (License Types)
a) Authenticated Sites
b) Service Cloud Portal (Use to be called High Volume Customer Portal)
c) Enterprise Admin
Which features are common to all four channel solutions?
a) Custom Objects
b) Ideas and Answers
What is Service Cloud Portal aka?
High Volume Portal
What are the limitations of Service Cloud Portal?
SCP users can't be added to:
a) Personal groups or public groups.
b) Sharing rules.
c) Account teams, opportunity teams, or case teams.
d) Salesforce CRM Content libraries.
Which Portal has a Portal Super User access?
Customer Portal
Which Portal has a Delegated Portal User Administrator access?
Enterprise Admin
Which Portal's users have access to Documents tab and 5mb of data storage?
Partner Portal
To what can Cases be escalated?
a) User
b) Queue
What is the Early Trigger?
A mechanism to overcome the 'lateness' of escalations that age just after the 15 minute escalation cycle.
What is integrated with Chatter Answers?
Customer Portal
Is collaboration in Chatter Answers public or private?
It can be either
How do users get access to Chatter Answers?
They can self-register or you can assign the Chatter Answers User feature license to portal users.
What can you do on the Chatter Answers 'Questions' tab?
a) Review lists of questions
b) Answer questions or add replies to questions
c) Manually escalate a question to a case
d) Delete questions or replies
e) Select best answers for questions
f) Promote helpful replies to knowledge base articles
Two use cases for Visualflow in Case Management?
a) Automate client verification
b) Minimize Manual Tasks
Name Visualflow elements
a) Draft Tools
b) User Interface
c) Screen
d) Logic
e) Decision
f) Assignment
g) Record Create, Update, Lookup, Delete
k) Subflow
l) APEX Plugins
Name Visualflow resources
a) Variable - Define an updatable value
b) Constant - Define a fixed value
c) Formula - Calculates a value
d) Text Template - Define formatted text that can be shared across your flow
e) Choice - Define an individual choice option that you can reuse throughout your flow
f) Dynamic Choice - Dynamically generates choices from a Salesforce Object
How does Salesforce work with Facebook?
Automatic Creation of cases from Facebook and response is posted back to Facebook. All through the Conversations Tab
As an agent, how would you send a facebook private message to someone?
Through Service Console
How does Salesforce work with Twitter
Cases are created through tweets to an @ address. Use send tweet back in Service Console to post back to the customer. All through the Conversations Tab
What is the recommended order of data import?
a) Users
b) Accounts
c) Contacts
d) Cases
How frequently can you export attachments?
Once per week
What do elements represent in Flow?
What do resources allow you to do?
Store or manipulate data, and use it throughout the flow.
Whence do you add Flow elements?
The Palette Tab
What is Step in Flow?
Serves as a placeholder that you can use to quickly sketch out a flow
What is Screen in Flow?
Provides a user-facing screen that can be used to collect input or display output
What are the two Logic elements in Flow?
a) Decision - Uses conditions to determine where to route users next in the flow
b) Assignment - Changes the value of a variable
What does the Sub-flow element of Flow do?
References another flow and calls that flow at runtime. Subflows allow you to reduce the complexity of a flow by re-using other flows
What is an Apex Plug-ins in Flow?
Represents a piece of Apex code that you can call from the flow. Apex code allows you to add complex business logic to the flow, such as converting a lead or sending an email
When can you add a Resource in Flow?
From the Resources Tab or when adding a new element.
Which Flow element would you use to set or change the value of a variable?
Which Flow element would you use to create a new record?
Record Create
Which Flow element would you use to wrap up the call?
Which Flow element would you use to determine if the customer is interested in a promotion?
Which Flow element would you use to route the flow differently based on customer's response to question?
Who can run flows?
Users with the "Run Flows" permission
What does the ? in a Flow url do?
It allows you to pass in a variable
What is the "Concatenate Operator" in Flow urls?
What does "&" in a Flow url do?
It allows you to concatenate multiple arguments together
What does the return URL do?
It allows you to specify where to return the user when the flow is complete
How to you indicate the return URL?
True or False: Role Hierarchy should normally mimic the org structure.
True or False: Force.com allows you to bring your custom interface to any device
What are Divisions used for?
Very Large Organizations (VLO) with a high volume of data, to enable segmentation of data.
What results does Division-ing impact?
a) Searches
b) List Views
c) Reports
Which entitlement model would you use for "Sells premium customer support separately from its products"?
Entitlements + Service Contract
Which entitlement model would you use for "Provides basic web support on its products with no service contract"?
Entitlements only
Which entitlement model would you use for "Manages individual customer entitlements through a service contract"?
Entitlements + Service Contract + Line Item
What are the three steps involved in Entitlement Management?
Hint: D-S-A
a) Determine Entitlement model
b) Setup entitlements
c) Automate milestones and entitlement process
Entitlements allows you to:
Hint: D-M-V-E
a) Define service levels for support
b) Manage entitlements, service contracts
c) Verify eligibility
d) Enforce service levels via automated process
For which KPI area is ASA (Average Speed to Answer) a driver?
Customer Satisfaction
For which KPI area is CPC (Cost per call) a driver?
Cost of Service
For which KPI area is CPA (Calls per agent) a driver?
Cost of Service
The SoftPhone is located in the sidebar and only appears if you are:
a) Assigned to a call center
b) Using a machine with CTI adapter installed