Week 9 12.07.09

15 terms by Bradford11B

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adj. marked by lucky signs or good omens, and therefore by the promise of success or happiness


n. the extent of something, especially when it is impressively great


adj. dependent on or resulting from a future and as yet unknown event or circumstance


adj. so thoughtless, vulgar, and insensitive as to lack all refinement or delicacy


n. a bitter verbal or written attack on somebody or something


n. a difference between two or more things such as opinions or attitudes


v. to avoid doing or using something on principle or as a matter of course


adj. large and stately, thus creating an impression of grandeur


n. a small amount, especially of something abstract such as a quality


n. a formally agreed period during which an activity is halted or a planned activity is postponed


n. an indication that something, often something unpleasant, is going to happen


adj. disdainfully or cynically mocking


adj. appearing to be true but really false


v. to prevent somebody or something from making further progress


adj. lying on the back and with the face upward

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