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Bethel Series Flash Cards NT

Mt. 24

No one knows the day or hour

Mt. 23

Pharisaic woes

Mk. 2

The Sabbath made for man, not man for the Sabbath

Mt. 16

On this rock I will build my church

Mk. 7

Defilement from within

Mt. 13

Parables of the kingdom

Mk. 7

Honoring traditions at the expense of their meaning

Mt. 18

Forgive seventy times seven

Mt. 10

Go only to the lost sheep of the house of Israel

Mt. 8

Many will come from east & west

Mt. 10

Not to bring peace, but a sword

Lk. 2

The childhood of Jesus

Lk. 2

The Christmas gospel

Mt. 5

The Beatitudes

Mt. 1

Joseph's Genealogy

Mk. 11

Driving out the moneychangers

Mt. 22

The Great Commandment

Mk. 3

Sin against the Holy Spirit

Mk. 12

The widow's mite

Mk. 9

I believe, help my unbelief

Mt. 5-7

The sermon on the mount

Mk. 2

New wine in old skins

Mt. 9

He came not to call the righteous, but sinners

Mk. 1

The Kingdom of God is at hand

Mt. 20

Called to be servants

Mt. 21

The transfer of a kingdom

Mt. 28

The Great Commission

Mk. 6

A prophet is without honor in his own country

Mk. 6

Brothers & sisters of Jesus

Mk. 8

On seeking signs

Mt. 7

The Golden Rule

Mt. 6

The Lord's Prayer

Lk. 7

Least in Kingdom greater than John

Lk. 7

Forgiven much, she loved much

Lk. 10

Pray for laborers for the harvest

Lk. 10

The Good Samaritan

Lk. 10

The Martha & Mary incident

Lk. 12

More value than sparrows

Lk. 12

Son of man coming at unexpected hour

Lk. 15

The prodigal son

Lk. 16

Sons of the world often wiser than sons of light

Lk. 22

The Last Supper

Lk. 22

The betrayal of Jesus

Lk. 22

Peter's denial

Lk. 23

The crucifixion of Jesus

Lk. 24

The resurrection of Jesus

Lk. 24

A spirit has not flesh and bones

Lk. 24

Repentance and forgiveness to be preached to all nations

Jn. 1

The Word became flesh

Jn. 6

I am the Bread of Life

Jn. 8

I am the Light of the World

Jn. 10

I came that they might have life

Jn. 10

I am the Good Shepherd

Jn. 11

I am the Resurrection and the Life

Jn. 13

Washing the disciples' feet

Jn. 15

Love one another as I have loved you

Jn. 16

The Spirit will guide you into all truth

Jn. 17

The high priestly prayer

Acts 1

Not for you to know the times or seasons

Acts 2

Pentecostal events

Acts 3

You are the sons of the covenant -- bessed to be a blessing

Acts 4

No other name by which we can be saved

Acts 8

Philip goes down to Samaria

Acts 9

The conversion of Saul

Acts 10

Peter's vision and the expansion of mission

Acts 15

Conference on Circumcision

Acts 16

What must I do to be saved?

Acts 17

The unknown God

Acts 20

More blessed to give than to receive

Acts 26

Why is it thought incredible to any that God raises the dead?

Rom. 1

I am not ashamed of the Gospel

Rom. 3

None is righteous -- no not one

Rom. 3

None justified by the law -- through law comes knowledge of sin

Rom. 4

Promise of inheritance comes through faith

Rom. 7

I can will what is right, but I cannot do it

Rom. 8

No condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus

Rom. 8

Creation itself will be set free

Rom. 10

Zeal for God which is unenlightened

Rom. 11

A divine purpose in rejection of the Jews

Rom. 12

Be transformed by renewal of mind

Rom. 15

Bear with the failings of the weak

1 Thess. 2

Our appeal does not spring
from error or uncleanness

1 Thess. 4

Abstain from immorality

1 Thess. 4

Command the respect of outsiders

1 Thess. 5

Pay due regard to times and seasons

1 Thess. 5

Esteem your leaders

2 Thess. 3

Work while you wait

Heb. 1

God has spoken to us by a Son

Heb. 2

Danger of drifting away

Heb. 4

Word of God sharper
than two-edged sword

Heb. 6

Leave elementary doctrines of Christ
and go on to maturity

Heb. 11

Faith chapter

Heb. 12

Jesus, the pioneer and
perfecter of our faith

I Cor. 1

The divisive perils of scattered loyalties

I Cor. 1

Undue emphasis upon human wisdom

I Cor. 2

Spiritual things folly to the unspiritual

I Cor. 5

On judging those inside the church

I Cor. 6

Lawsuits among believers?

I Cor. 7

Paul's views on marriage

I Cor. 8

When liberty becomes a stumbling block

I Cor. 9

Becoming all things to all people

I Cor. 11

Misuse of the Lord's supper

I Cor. 12

Variety of gifts, but same spirit

I Cor. 13

Love the preeminent virtue

I Cor. 15

The resurrected body

II Cor. 3

Degree by degree, changed
into his likeness

II Cor. 5

If anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation

II Cor. 5

God was in Christ, reconciling
the world to himself

II Cor. 8

They gave beyond their means

II Cor. 9

God loves a cheerful giver

II Cor. 12

My power is made perfect in weakness

Eph. 1

A plan to unite all things in him

Eph. 2

Hostility between peoples
brought to an end

Eph. 3

The manifold wisdom of God made known

Eph. 4

Gifts for the building up of Christ's body

Eph. 5

Be imitators of God . . . and walk in love

Eph. 6

Put on the whole armor of God

I Tim. 1

Speculations rather than divine training

I Tim. 1

Wandering away into vain discussion

I Tim. 2

Pray, intercede, and give thanks

I Tim. 3

Admonitions for bishops and deacons

I Tim. 4

Do not neglect the gift that you have

I Tim. 5

Relational counsel

II Tim. 1

Take your share of suffering for the Gospel

II Tim. 2

Have nothing to do with stupid,
senseless controversies

II Tim. 3

Holding the form of religion but
denying the power of it

II Tim. 3

All Scripture is inspired by God

II Tim. 4

I have fought the good fight, finished
the race, and kept the faith

Titus 2

Show integrity, gravity, and sound
speech in your teaching

I Pet. 1

Faith will be tested by fire

I Pet. 3

Do not return evil for evil

I Pet. 4

Live no longer by human passions

I Pet. 5

Devil prowls like a roaring lion

II Pet. 1

Become partakers of the divine nature

II Pet. 3

The unstable twist the Scriptures

Phil 2

He did not count eqquality with God
a thing to be grasped

Phil 2

Work out your own salvation
with fear and trembling

Phil 4

I can do all things through him
who strengthens me

Col 1

All things created through him and for him

Col 2

Self-abasement and worship of angels

Col 4

Make the most of time

Jas 1

Be doers of the word,
and not hearers only

Jas 2

Faith without works is dead

I Jn 2

They lie who deny that Jesus is the Christ

I Jn 4

Test the spirits to see
whether they are of God

2 Jn 1

Not acknowledging his
coming in the flesh

Jude 1

They revile whatever they
do not understand

Gal. 1

Deserting the Gospel

Gal. 3

Justification by faith

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