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Drivers Education Test Chapters 1-4 and Appendix

What credentials must you have while driving?
Valid Drivers License, Valid Probationary License, or New Jersey Permit, Valid Insurance Card, Valid Registration Card.
A motorist who changes addresses must report this change to the MVC within what time frame?
Wthin NJ 1 week. Out- of- state- 60 days.
Why has Nj implemented the use of a digital drivers license?
So people can't make fake ID's.
What are the fines and penalties for altering or showing an altered drivers license?
Loss of driving privilage, fine up to 1,000 dollars, and or imprisonment for up to 6 months.
You must be at least what age to maintain a special learners permit?
16 years old.
In order to get a probationary license what 3 requirements must be met?
1. Pass knowledge and vision test.
2. Pay required fee.
3. Adult supervised driving.
To obtain a basic drivers license you
1. Pass MVC knowledge and vision.
2. Pay required fee.
3. Adult supervised driving.
How many passengers permitted in your vehicle when you have a validated GDL probationary license?
One additional person besides the 1 person who is supervising the driver.
The holder of a special learner permit and probationary drivers license is not permitted to use...
Cell phones or any other hands free electronics.
On a special learners permit and a probationary drivers license, you are not permitted to drive between the hours of...
11:01 pm and 5:01 am
If the examination permit or probationary license holder is 21 years of age or older
hour and passengers do not apply.
If the student driver commits a traffic offense, who is responsible?
The student, the instructor, the adult supervising them.
How long are you a probationary driver?
At least 1 year.
What are 3 parts of the Highway transportation system
1. people
2. Roadways
3. Vehicles
How is the Hts regulated?
All states grant the individuals the privilage of driving on their roads by issuing them a drivers license.
what is the national traffic and Motor Vehicle safety Act?
1. Safety Belts
2. shatterproof windows.
3. Correct vehicle defects.
Explain National Highway safety Act.
Federal and state government guidelines to make sure people follow driving rules.
To perform the driving task with low results, explian the steps of the IPDE process
1. identify oncoming car, turn signal, and driveway.
2. Predict your path of travel and oncoming vehicles path of travel will conflict.
3. Decide to slow or stop.
4. Execute your speed reduction decision by taking foot off the accelerator and gently braking.
What is the purpose of the smith system? list the techniques.
Smith system is an organized method designed to help drivers develop good seeing habits
1. Aim high and look ahead.
2. Keep your eyes moving.
3. Get the big picture(Get an overall view)
4. Make sure others see you.
5. leave yourself a way out.
What is the Zone Control System?
Method for managing space around your vehicle.
1. 3 sec rule- Keep enough space- gives you time and space for a way out.
2. Car length- at least 4 sec. apart from each other.
What is the most common cause of a collision?
Driver error
What does it mean to have 20/20 vision? 20/40 vision?
20/20 vision- You can read letters clearly 3/8 in. high from 20 ft. away. 20/40 vision you have to read better than a person 20 ft away.
If you fail your road test how long must you wait before retaking it?
2 weeks or more. After several failures a person my be asked to wait 6 months before retaking it again.
If you have a GDL permit or probationary license how does the seat belt law apply to you?
You must wear a seat belt as well as everyone in the back.
when wearing a safety belt along with a strap a motorist chances of surviving a collision are_______ percent better.
Explain the child restraint law.
1. they must be in a car seat in the back.
2. If 8 years old and over 80 pounds they must be in the rear using a seatbelt.
How should you grip the steering wheel?
1. Firm Grip
2. As steady as possible
3. Both hands should be on the wheel at all times except when shifting gears.
In regards to proper braking, what's the most common mistake new motorists make?
Slamming too hard on the brakes.
How far in advance must you signal your intention to turn
100 feet before the turn.
3 important steps to make when parking on a curb
a. Vehicle facing downhill, turn wheels towards curb.
b. Vehicle facing uphill turn wheels away from curb.
c. no curbs turn wheels toward edge of road regardless of whether car is facing uphill or downhill.
What is NJ speed limit for business or residential district?
25 mph
what Nj speed for low density or suburban business and residential areas?
35 mph
what will happen to the fine exceeding a 65 mph limit by 10 mph or more
The fines will be doubled.
List 2 situations when its legal to pass on the right
1. If there is more than 1 lane going in the same direction
2. If driver ahead of you is making a left and there is enough room to pass.
Wat is the definition of a controlled intersection and an uncontrolled intersection?
Controlled- when there are traffic signals or signs in a any direction or controlled by a police officer.
Uncontrolled- two or more roads join and there is no traffic signal or regulatory device.
explainn Safe Corrdor program
Fines are Double on sections of state highways.
1. reduces speed
2. be ready to stop.
what is an acceleration lane?
An extra lane used by motorists to speed up into the flow of traffic.
what is a deceleration lane?
An extra lane used by motorists to slow down to make exiting off the highway smooth.
When is it illegal to make a right turn on red?
when there is a no turn on red sign posted.
Motorists must stop at least_________ from railroad crossing when there are flashing lights, bells, or flag signals.
15 feet
when a school bus has red flashing lights you must stop_________feet away
according to new Jersey law if a school bus has stopped directly in front of a school to pick up or drop off children, can you pass?
yes no more then 10 mph.
How far must you park from a crosswalk, fire hydrant, and stop sign?
1. Crosswalk 25 feet
2. Fire hydrant 10 feet
3. Stop Sign 50 feet
What does a regulatory sign do?
Regulates traffic speed and movement
What must you do at a yield sign?
Slow down and check by scanning left and right
What colors are warning signs?
Orange and black or yellow and black
explain difference between Railroad crossing sign and a railroad crossbuck sign.
Rilroad crossing sign: Warning
Railroad Crossbuck Sign: Red light come on and gates come down.
what is the difference between a yellow line and a white line?
Yellow center line- Separates traffic flow going in opposite directions.
white Center line- No passing
White dashed Lines- Separates traffic lanes on multi lane highways passing is allowed.
What must you do when you come to a red flashing light? A flashing yellow light?
flashing Red Light- stop then yield to traffic and pedestrians. Go only when safe. Flashing yellow light- slow down and proceed with caution.
What does a flashing yellow X mean
Care is to be used with caution for left turn movements only.
Regulatory signs
Colors are Red and White. Shape is square.
Warning signs
Colors are Orange and Black or Yellow and Black
They are: RAILROAD CROSSING Shape is round, INTERSECTION Shape is diamond, CONSTRUCTION ZONE Shape is diamond, and SCHOOL CROSSING Shape is pentagon
Guidance Signs
Colors are Blue and White and shape is square
At a speed of 60 mph
you have 300 ft. breaking distance.