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Parts of a Computer (2nd Grade)

What do you know about hardware and software?
A device that shows images and videos for a computer. On a laptop, we call this the screen.
A device that enters data with letters, numbers, symbols, and special function keys.
A flat rectangle-shaped device used on laptops to move the cursor on the screen. This can be used instead of a mouse.
Central Processing Unit, the part of the computer that tells the other parts what to do. Works like the brain of the computer.
digital projector
A device that uses light to send images from a computer onto a large screen.
An input device that records and sends voice, music, and other sounds into the computer.
An output device that allows you to hear voice, music, and other sounds from the computer.
An output device that sends text and images from a computer onto paper.
digital camera
An input device that records and stores images.
The parts of the computer you can touch (keyboard, mouse, speakers)
The programs that give the computer instructions (Mac OS, Safari, Microsoft Word)
A small computer that is easy to move from one place to another.
A computer that is meant to stay in one place. This type of computer is not easy to move because it may be big or may have many separate parts.
The place on your desktop screen where you can click on icons to launch applications or switch between open applications.
A web browser application that lets you visit websites on the Internet.
Menu Bar
The bar near the top of a window that lists the different choices when working with software.
A system of connected computers around the world. Also called the "World Wide Web" or "Online."
A key on the keyboard that lets you erase letters, numbers, or symbols.
A key on the keyboard that you hold down when you want to make a capital letter.
hard drive
The piece of hardware that holds a lot of information and stores most of your files.

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