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GACS lclab Science 7 - Final Exam Review - Quiz 6: Chapter 4, Sections 1 & 2 - From Bacteria to Plants


water is stored in this plant cell structure

absorb light

On a hot day, black clothing may feel too warm because dark colors _______________.


All plants are ________________consisting of many cells

Characteristic of plants with vascular tissue

It exposes plants leaves to the sun

Characteristic of plants with vascular tissue

It supports the plants stems and leaves

Characteristic of plants with vascular tissue

It trnasports water and food inside the plant

Not a characteristic of plants with vascular tissue

It transports egg and sperm cells for reproduction

Reflects green light

the most abundant pigment in leaves


groups of similar cells that perform a specific function

broken into the visible spectrum

When light strikes a prism, the light is

gametophyte stage

The spores that plants produce develop into the


Plants that do not have a complex system to transport water, nutrients, and food through their bodies


Structures inside cells in which food is make


When light strikes a transparent material such a glass, it is


uniting a sperm cell with an egg cell


stage in which a plant produces two kidns of sex cells


stage during which a plant produces spores


porcess by which plants make their own food

how they transport materials

vascular plants differ from non-vascular plant in ......


Produces egg and sperm cells during the life cycle of a plant


leaves of a plant appear green because of a pigment called______________.


Reduces water loss in leaves


Organisms that have a nuclei within their cells


In plants, sexual reproduction occurs when a sperm cell and egg cell unite to form a ___________________.

red, blue and other colors

When light strikes plant leaves, most of this (these) color(s) are absorbed


When light strikes plant leaves, most of this (these) color(s) are not absorbed

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