37 terms

Holiday at the seaside - verbs

make a sand castle
fly a kite
collect shells
play with the sand
run along the beach
stroll along the beach
walk barefoot on the wet sand
take photos
meet new people
make new friends
sit in a deckchair
and relax
sit by the fire
and tell stories
ride a bike
feed the seagulls
read detective stories
do a crossword puzzle
look at the sunset
admire the sunset
and enjoy the cool breeze
play with the waves
dive into the water
dive into the water from the pier
swim in the sea
listen to my CD player
listen to my MP3 player
listen to the radio
listen to the sound of waves
play frisbee
play beach volley
buy souvenirs
buy a postcard
write a postcard
send postcards
write on the sand
bring food to the beach
have a picnic
try new food