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  1. neonates
  2. % ADF
  3. canine atopic dermatitis
  4. m (standard curve)
  5. non-ruminants
  1. a hindgut/postgastric fermenter; simple stomach that cannot digest fiber as easily; fermentation occurs after stomach; horse
  2. b pig that receives most of its nutrients from sow's milk; iron must be supplemented with iron shots to prevent anemia
  3. c essential fatty acid deficiency that causes poor growth, poor coat quality, and slow healing
  4. d provides estimate of digestibility; increase equals a decrease in digestibility
  5. e slope of line

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  1. cellulose, lignin
  2. combination of tests to determine the effect of diet on net retention or loss of nutrients from the body
  3. inflammation of lamina withing hoof; high grain feeding>large amount of CHO's>increase in lactic acid production>lower pH>kills other bacteria>endotoxin released>founders
  4. type of forage that is high moisture; cut and chopped in field; fed fresh to animals; grasses, legumes, corn
  5. symptoms include looking at flank, kicking belly, restlessness, violent rolling, listlessness, and sweating

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  1. Concentratehigh energy supplement to forage; more protein/energy; high cost


  2. Silageproduct of controlled fermentation of high moisture forage; stored in silos; very palatable; commonly made with corn or hay


  3. ureamost common horse diet; good source of energy, highly digestible, bulky


  4. monogastricssimple stomach, no fermentation; humans


  5. Hydrolysisfermentable but not digestible; part of plant