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  1. feed cost
  2. Hydrolysis
  3. Net Energy of Lactation
  4. Hindgut fermenters
  5. cysteine
  1. a AA supplemented to chickens and is high in feathers
  2. b largest single expense in raising dairy cattle
  3. c (NEl) what remains of ME after heat increment of feeding is considered; measure of cow's efficiency of producing milk
  4. d microbial digestion process
  5. e practice coprophagy; rats, rabbits

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  1. Concentrate that is a waste product of the food industry which is left over after the sugar is removed from sugar/molasses production
  2. dehydration; lowered feed intake; impaired function
  3. simple stomach, no fermentation; humans
  4. high energy supplement to forage; more protein/energy; high cost
  5. HCl, enzymes, bile processes

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  1. Barleyconcentrate that is a form of non protein nitrogen for ruminants only


  2. silage productionproduct of controlled fermentation of high moisture forage; stored in silos; very palatable; commonly made with corn or hay


  3. Roasted Soybeansprotein dense concentrate that is altered to get rid of the trypsin inhibitor to allow animo acids to deliver to lower gut of ruminants and pass microbes; more efficient protein utilization for monogastrics; escape protein


  4. Orangetype of forage that is cut and then dried; high humidity makes for longer drying time; cannot be overdried


  5. laminitislow blood glucose and high utilization of ketone bodies for energy; ketone bodies break down to acetone and can be smelled on breath


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