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  1. b (standard curve)
  2. nitrogen surplus
  3. Silage
  4. R^2 (standard curve)
  5. Milk Fever
  1. a microbes degrade protein and use animo acids for energy ; excess N is lost as ammonia in urine
  2. b calcium deficiency that can occur during early lactation and can lead to tetany and convulsions; treated with Ca via IV or other supplements
  3. c correlation, closer to 1 is good
  4. d intercept
  5. e product of controlled fermentation of high moisture forage; stored in silos; very palatable; commonly made with corn or hay

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  1. DM nutrient content x dry matter %
  2. transfer of electron from glucose (WSC) to Cu2+; neocuproine binds to Cu but not Cu2+; amount of Cu determines color reaction in assay
  3. last 2 weeks of growth; has a higher energy to protein ratio; leads to excess deposition>gives carcass uniform yellow color
  4. finishing pigs fed ad lib diet balanced for energy and protein until they reach market weight
  5. Will not grow in desert; too much moisture in feed causes diarrhea and decreased energy

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  1. Dry Cowcow that has gone through lactation and dried up; allows involution of mammary gland and preparation for next lactation


  2. horse feedmost common dairy breed, balance between high volume and fat content


  3. HayCa:P ratio


  4. Rolled corn2nd diet fed to chicks that is lower in protein than the first


  5. Beet PulpConcentrate that is a waste product of the food industry which is left over after the sugar is removed from sugar/molasses production