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  1. abomasum
  2. butyrate
  3. b (standard curve)
  4. Y (standard curve)
  5. gall bladder
  1. a VFA produced by microbial fermentation that provides energy and growth of rumen wall
  2. b glandular stomach, secretes gastric juice and is lined with mucous
  3. c intercept
  4. d bile storage and secretion; horse does not have one
  5. e amount of WSC

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  1. halfway between lignin and cellulose, is fermentable but not digestible
  2. grinds up food, mechanical digestion in birds
  3. passage tube in digestive tract
  4. foregut/pregastric fermenter; 4-compartment stomach; can digest fiber and carbs; cow
  5. last 2 weeks of growth; has a higher energy to protein ratio; leads to excess deposition>gives carcass uniform yellow color

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  1. 2:1Ca:P ratio


  2. escape proteinsfinishing pigs fed ad lib diet balanced for energy and protein until they reach market weight


  3. rumen acidosismain site of anaerobic fermentation; papillae aid absorption


  4. deforming cervical spondylosisvitamin A toxicity that causes bony projections on cervical vertebrae, pain, difficult movie, and lameness


  5. Growthmost common horse diet; good source of energy, highly digestible, bulky


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