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  1. NDF
  2. 3% with rule
  3. monogastrics
  4. gullet
  5. colonic fermentation
  1. a microbes have access only after gastric and intestinal digestion have occurred; VFA's absorbed across colon and oxidized as source of energy; microbial protein and B vitamins lost in feces
  2. b simple stomach, no fermentation; humans
  3. c hemicellulose, cellulose, lignin; better for animal
  4. d if an ingredient is listed as being "with"
  5. e feed passageway in birds

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  1. protein in diet is oxidized to produce energy; surplus nitrogen is lost from body as urine
  2. amount of WSC
  3. HCl, enzymes, bile processes
  4. nutritionally induced hypocalcemia; high phosphorus and low vitamin D; elevated parathyroid hormone
  5. inflammation of lamina withing hoof; high grain feeding>large amount of CHO's>increase in lactic acid production>lower pH>kills other bacteria>endotoxin released>founders

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  1. Reducing SugarsThis is what the monosaccharides in WSC are


  2. Starter Dietmost common dairy breed, balance between high volume and fat content


  3. causes of coliclargest single expense in raising dairy cattle


  4. Water Soluble CarbohydratesWSC


  5. DM to As FedDM nutrient content x dry matter %