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  1. R^2 (standard curve)
  2. large intestine (cecum and colon)
  3. ADF
  4. Rolled corn
  5. nitrogen deficiency
  1. a correlation, closer to 1 is good
  2. b energy dense feed concentrate that is easier to handle when produced this way and has increased digestibility
  3. c water absorption and fermentation; production of VFA's here
  4. d cellulose, lignin
  5. e microbes use the energy to survive and new microbes are not produced; ammonia levels drop

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  1. DM nutrient content x dry matter %
  2. secretes digestive enzymes
  3. VFA produced by microbial fermentation that provides energy and growth of rumen wall
  4. derived from partial or complete oxidation of molecules ingested or absorbed from the diet or from utilization of stored energy (fat, CHO, protein)
  5. taurine deficiency that causes decreased myocardial contractility and heart failure

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  1. neonatespig that receives most of its nutrients from sow's milk; iron must be supplemented with iron shots to prevent anemia


  2. causes of colicparasites, ground feeding, not properly chewing feed, fed too much grain


  3. ligninbile production


  4. acetate + propionatehigh energy supplement to forage; more protein/energy; high cost


  5. Orangefurther grinds ingesta; absorbs VFA's and bicarbonate