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  1. Green chop
  2. Factors Influencing Forage Quality
  3. large intestine (cecum and colon)
  4. canine atopic dermatitis
  5. Weight loss diet
  1. a type of forage that is high moisture; cut and chopped in field; fed fresh to animals; grasses, legumes, corn
  2. b diet with low fat and high fiber to increase bulk
  3. c water absorption and fermentation; production of VFA's here
  4. d essential fatty acid deficiency that causes poor growth, poor coat quality, and slow healing
  5. e plant species; stage of maturity (older plants=lower digestibility); method of preservation

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  1. if the ingredient is in the name of the product
  2. system with the goal to get feeder pigs to market weight;100 kg
  3. last 2 weeks of growth; has a higher energy to protein ratio; leads to excess deposition>gives carcass uniform yellow color
  4. found in more mature plants, is indigestible and unfermentable
  5. concentrate that is a form of non protein nitrogen for ruminants only

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  1. Ketosisreaction of horse to abdominal pain usually due to compaction of food


  2. foregut fermentersuse microbes as extra food source; provides protein and B vitamins


  3. butyrateindigestible materials, mostly cellulose, found in foods.


  4. colonic fermentationhigh energy supplement to forage; more protein/energy; high cost


  5. farrowing systemgoal of this system is to produce large litters of healthy pigs to be sold when they reach 18-25kg; contains brood sows, preweaned pigs, and young weaned pigs