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  1. Acid Detergent Fiber
  2. symbiotic relationship
  3. gullet
  4. silage production
  5. phosphorus
  1. a ADF
  2. b bound to phytate in most feeds so is unavailable to monogastrics like the pig; must consider this when balancing feed
  3. c feed passageway in birds
  4. d anaerobic process in which bacterial fermentation results in lactic acid production and lowered pH
  5. e ruminant provides favorable environment and constant feed source to microbes; microbes provide protein source and energy to ruminant

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  1. main site of anaerobic fermentation; papillae aid absorption

  2. Protein dense concentrate that contains trypsin-inhibitor which inhibits protein digestibility
  3. 2 VFA's produced by microbial fermentation that provides energy for whole ruminant
  4. diet with low fat and high fiber to increase bulk
  5. essential fatty acid deficiency that causes poor growth, poor coat quality, and slow healing

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  1. Roasted Soybeansenergy dense feed concentrate that is easier to handle when produced this way and has increased digestibility


  2. NDFhemicellulose, cellulose, lignin; better for animal


  3. finishing systemlast 2 weeks of growth; has a higher energy to protein ratio; leads to excess deposition>gives carcass uniform yellow color


  4. Roughageindigestible materials, mostly cellulose, found in foods.


  5. Chemical DigestionHCl, enzymes, bile processes