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  1. Y (standard curve)
  2. hemicellulose
  3. Acid Detergent Fiber
  4. Grower Diet
  5. feed cost
  1. a 2nd diet fed to chicks that is lower in protein than the first
  2. b largest single expense in raising dairy cattle
  3. c amount of WSC
  4. d ADF
  5. e halfway between lignin and cellulose, is fermentable but not digestible

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  1. transfer of electron from glucose (WSC) to Cu2+; neocuproine binds to Cu but not Cu2+; amount of Cu determines color reaction in assay
  2. nutritionally induced hypocalcemia; high phosphorus and low vitamin D; elevated parathyroid hormone
  3. goal is to freshen (give birth and start milking) at 2 years of age
  4. found in more mature plants, is indigestible and unfermentable
  5. anus in birds

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  1. cropconcentrate that is a form of non protein nitrogen for ruminants only


  2. escape proteinsAA supplemented to chickens and is high in eggs


  3. methionineAA supplemented to chickens and is high in eggs


  4. Digestion Trialtests the digestibility of the feed


  5. Water Soluble CarbohydratesWill not grow in desert; too much moisture in feed causes diarrhea and decreased energy