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  1. Balance Trial
  2. holstein
  3. Crimped oats
  4. Hindgut fermenters
  5. abomasum
  1. a most common dairy breed, balance between high volume and fat content
  2. b High fiber content feed and low energy; commonly given to horses; is pointed on both ends and goes through a process to make it easier to digest
  3. c glandular stomach, secretes gastric juice and is lined with mucous
  4. d combination of tests to determine the effect of diet on net retention or loss of nutrients from the body
  5. e practice coprophagy; rats, rabbits

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  1. ruminant provides favorable environment and constant feed source to microbes; microbes provide protein source and energy to ruminant
  2. passage tube in digestive tract
  3. food storage organ in birds
  4. mechanical/chemical digestion here
  5. indigestible materials, mostly cellulose, found in foods.

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  1. farrow-to-finish systemlast 2 weeks of growth; has a higher energy to protein ratio; leads to excess deposition>gives carcass uniform yellow color


  2. Fat Cow syndromewhen too much energy is fed to dry cow after calving; decreased resistance to infection and increased incidence of metabolic diseases


  3. m (standard curve)slope of line


  4. Foragelow energy source; high fiber; feed for ruminants and hindgut fermenters; necessary for rumen and fecal function; cheap


  5. cellulosefermentable but not digestible; part of plant