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  1. ADF
  2. Barley
  3. Ketosis
  4. Balance Trial
  5. 25% dinner rule
  1. a if the ingredient is a dinner or entree meal
  2. b combination of tests to determine the effect of diet on net retention or loss of nutrients from the body
  3. c cellulose, lignin
  4. d larger pointed feed that is used as supplement; is larger than crimped oats
  5. e low blood glucose and high utilization of ketone bodies for energy; ketone bodies break down to acetone and can be smelled on breath

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  1. dairy breed with high butterfat content in milk
  2. HCl, enzymes, bile processes
  3. indigestible materials, mostly cellulose, found in foods.
  4. ADF
  5. inflammation of lamina withing hoof; high grain feeding>large amount of CHO's>increase in lactic acid production>lower pH>kills other bacteria>endotoxin released>founders

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  1. Weight loss dietdiet with low fat and high fiber to increase bulk


  2. Digestible Energybile storage and secretion; horse does not have one


  3. deforming cervical spondylosischewing, churning processes


  4. Chickenmain site of anaerobic fermentation; papillae aid absorption


  5. horse feedanimal diet that needs good quality hay, legumes for protein, and food that is not too dry or dusty