Grapes of Wrath


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Tie handkerchiefs over their noses and mouths
What do the men do for themselves to protect from the dust?
They notice that their men stay whole and don't break down
How do the women know that this drought will pass?
McAlester state penitentiary, manslaughter conviction
Where did Tom Joad serve for four years? And why does tom serve in jail?
A truck driver who carries a no riders sticker, he is going back to his father's farm
Whom does Tom get a ride with after he is released from prison? And where is he destined to go?
The truck driver
Who was the first person to let Tom know that a lot has changed since he's been in jail?
That the dust bowl is only temporary
What is a turtle a symbol of?
Jim Casy
The preacher in toms church when he was a little boy. He baptized tom although he was caught up in girls pigtails. And his sexuality made him stop preaching
Jim Casy
The human spirit is the Holy Spirit
With a shovel
How did tom kill the man that had stabbed him?
Lack of girls
What made life hard in jail for tom?
What made farms disappear?
False, part of the farmhouse was destroyed
T/f the entire Joad house was untouched from the banks
Muley graves
Who tells tom that his family has gone to live with uncle John?
What do muley, tom, and Jim share after their conversation?
The open air of the cave
Where does tom sleep the first night back since jail?
What did salesmen fill their broken engines with in order to sell broken cars to the demand?
He never got a doctor for his wife that had a stomach ache and she died. Later he became generous and handed out candy and meal to his neighbors. He is unable to console himself
What was Uncle johns misfortune?
He broke out illegally from jail
What is pa and ma Joads impression of tom when he first walks in?
Who helped pick out the car for the Joads?
Rose of Sharon has married
Winfield and ruthie
Youngest siblings
The Joads head to
To eat grapes
What is grampas goal in Cali?
After pa Joad sells possessions to a pawn before the journey, how much money does he get?
Sleeping pill
Grampa wants to stay in okc in pride like muley but ma Joad puts a ________ ____ in his coffee
What highway is headed towards California?
2 jumps
Those that possess a trailer make it to Cali in
Al begs at a gas station for gas pleading that his family has no
Hit by a car. The attendant of the gas station says that he will bury the dog
While at the gas station, the dog is
While in OKC, the Joads meet ivy and Sairy _________. There car broke down
Stroke. The Joads bury the grandpa despite the law of not doing that
How does grandpa die?
Says just give it to them. She sells nickel candy for the boys for a penny. When the truckers notice this, they leave a big tip
Mae and al work at a coffee shop. Two men walk in asking for a piece of bread for a dime and Mae gives them trouble but al
That Connie will study in the city to own a store
What is Rose of Sharon's hope of Cali?
The wilsons car broke down for the second time. Pa Joad meets some man who says that his wife and children starved to death in California because there are 800 workers needed, $5k handbills and ____ people need to be payed
One. They are no considered migrant men
Communities of migrant farmers come together and form 20 families into
A man and son warn the Joads that there is no work to be found and they would be called _______
______ stays behind and says that he will live off of fish from the river. His family didn't love him that much
Granma dies from depression and old age and overwhelming ________ inspections
California used to belong to _______. The farmers today are the ones who defended their territory and by paying their laborars low wages. These farms now has body guards.
They don't have enough money to do a proper burial
Why must the Joads leave grandmas body in a coroners office?
Floyd knowles. He educated tom and tells him that he must act like an idiot in front of police. Anybody that organizes against landowners were labeled red.
Whom does tom meet in Hooverville?
You are made sure that you have no job
If you were put on a blacklist, what would happen?
Who suggests that they should've stayed in Oklahoma where he could've studied tractors?
A contractor arrives in a new Chevrolet coupe to recruit workers for a fruit-picking job in Tulare County. When Knowles demands a contract and a set wage for the fruit pickers, the man summons a police deputy, who arrests Knowles on a bogus charge and then begins threatening the others. A scuffle ensues. Knowles runs off, and the deputy shoots at him recklessly, piercing a woman through the hand. Tom trips the deputy, and Casy, coming from behind, knocks him unconscious. Knowing that someone will need to be held accountable, Casy volunteers, reminding Tom that he has broken parole by leaving Oklahoma. Backup officers arrive and arrest Casy. The sheriff announces that the whole camp will now be burned.
T/f Connie leaves Rose of Sharon before the baby is born
Hostility Brings the migrants
Weed patch camp
Tom meets Tim and Wilkie Wallace at the
25 cents
Wallace brings tom to a ranch and mr.thomas says he will pay _____ an hour. He knows it's unfair and at the camp, he plans to start a riot
Jim rawly
Who is the camp manager?
Who tells rose of sharon that if her baby witnesses the sinful dancing of the camp that her baby would be a sinner and come out dead?
Dancing and drinking
The way migrants have methods of finding escape and salvation is through
Ezra huston
The chairman of the camp committee, warns the members of the camp to watch for people that are trying to begin to riot.
The Joads must leave the government camp due to low
The only problem is they have a flat
Peaches, 1
While the Joads fix the tire, they meet a man in a suit and says they can pick _______. When they work, at the end of the day, they make _ dollar which was enough for their meal
Pick handle
There is trouble roadside and it turns out that Jim Casy was working for to help unorganized the riots. A cop catches him speaking with Tom and as he is pulled away, he said they are only starving the children and the cop sticks a _____ ________ in Jims head. Tom stabs the cop back and gets bashed in the face.
The Joads then leave to go find work at a cotton picking field. Tom must hide in a _________ due to his crushed nose
At the cotton field, they are given a ______ and must share it with the wainwrights
Ruthie is picked a fight and reveals toms secret. Ma encourages tom to ____
Agnes wainwright
Who does al marry?
Men become angry due to the _____
When rose of Sharon bares a child, it is
Uncle johm
Whom sends the child up the stream
Mud, rose
On the sixth day of rain, the boxcar is moved away by ___. The Joads find a farm with a little boy and a dying father who can digest food. He needs milk so ____ of Sharon suckles him