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What aspects of American culture surprised you when you got here? Why is it important to learn about different cultures? What are good skills to have when studying or working in other cultures? What are good ways to learn about other cultures? What are some of the most significant cultural differences between the U.S. and your culture? What evidence of globalization do you see in your country? How do you think globalization is affecting different cultures? What are some advantages or disadvantag…

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He had to _____________ to the American school system. = to gradually change your behaviour and attitudes in order to be successful in a new situation
He had to __________ some of his ideas about how to participate in the classroom. = to gradually become familiar with a new situation
She _________ a more direct style of speaking when she talks to Americans. = to use a particular style of speaking, writing, or behaving, especially one that you do not usually use
He tried to __________ the problem. = to examine or think about something carefully, in order to understand it
Sometimes behavior that is normal in one culture can _________ rude in another culture. = seems (formal)
One _________ of studying in the U.S. is learning about different cultures. = one part of a situation, idea, plan etc that has many parts
___________ is often considered a positive trait in the U.S. = behaving in a confident way and saying clearly what you want
Some people try to __________ into American culture when they live here, but others prefer to main their cultural identify. = they become part of that group and are accepted by the people in that group
Their _________ toward death is very different than Americans. = the opinions and feelings that you usually have about something, especially when this is shown in your behaviour
Her culture is more __________ than American culture. = strictly forcing people to obey a set of rules or laws, especially ones that are wrong or unfair
Women have much more __________ in the U.S. = the ability or opportunity to make your own decisions without being controlled by anyone else
In some cultures women prefer to ________ contact with men. = to stay away from someone or something, or not use something
Some Asian cultures are more _____________ than American culture. = thinking less about the individual and more about the member of the group or society.
come across as
Americans often _________ as very friendly. = seem to have particular qualities (2 words)
Some cultures are more _________ than others. = trying very hard to win or be more successful than other people
Some people try hard to avoid _______ with others. = disagreeing or arguing with people, groups, countries etc
In some cultures, _________ is very important. = behaviour that obeys the accepted rules of society or a group, and is the same as that of most other people
Gestures can __________ different meanings in different cultures. = to communicate or express something, with or without using words
Some cultures are more __________ than others. = working together for a shared goal (opposite of competitive)
The ________ for good employees are different in that culture. = a standard that you use to judge something or make a decision about something
culture shock
When he lived in India, he experienced some __________. =
the feeling of being confused or anxious that you get when you visit a foreign country or a place that is very different from the one you are used to. Note that this is a psychological state that is different from just being surprised at a difference. (2 words)
__________ is a good quality when you are in another culture. = wanting to know or learn about something
deal with
People __________ problems differently in that culture. = to take the necessary action, especially in order to solve a problem
That culture has a greater _________ of freedom in everyday life. = the level or amount of something
Hofstede discusses the _________ between individualist and collectivist ideas = the difference between two things or ideas that are completely opposite
Hofstede writes about different _________ of culture. = a part of a situation or a quality involved in it; aspect
_________ can been seen as rudeness in some cultures. = the quality of being clear, plain, or easy to understand
In most cultures there is a ________ between formal and informal language. = a clear difference or separation between two similar things
New York is one of the most culturally ______ cities in the world. = different from each other; coming from different cultures
Protestant Christians are part of the _________ culture in the U.S. = more powerful, important, or noticeable than other people or things
The _________ of parents are different in that culture. = something that you have to do because it is morally or legally right; obligation
They ________ several problems when they traveled abroad= to experience or see something for the first time especially a problem or challenging situation
Cultures often have a lot of rules but do not ________ say them. = expressed in a way that is very clear and direct
One of Hofstede's cultural dimensions is _________. = qualities that are considered to be typical of women; the opposite of masculinity
Traditional __________ roles are very different in that culture. = the fact of being male or female
TV and movies have contributed a lot to __________. = the process in which things all over the world become more similar
According to Hofstede, some cultures prefer immediate __________. = getting what you want; especially something that is pleasurable
Some cultures are very __________. = when people or things are divided into levels of importance and/or power; some people have more power than others.
In high-context cultures, people communicate in ways that are _________. = everyone understands without saying it directly; opposite of explicit
Some people worry that the world is becoming too _________. = to change something so that its parts become similar or the same
Cultures have different ________ of beauty. = thoughts about what is the best or most perfect
Movies have had a big _________ on cultures around the world. = the effect or influence that an event, situation etc has on someone or something
They tried to make a good __________ on the visitors. = the opinion or feeling you have about someone or something because of the way they seem
Americans tend to be very _________. = when people think about taking care of themselves and their immediate family; the opposite of collectivist
Chocolate is his main ____________. = the habit of allowing yourself to do or have whatever you want, or allowing someone else to do or have whatever they want
There are many _________ in wealth in the U.S. = an unfair situation, in which some groups in society have more money, opportunities, power etc than others
Sometimes people are __________ rude with people from other cultures. = doing something without plan or desire
She had ___________ his silence as anger. = to not understand the correct meaning of something that someone says or does
They need to find a __________ solution. = continuing for a long period of time, or relating to what will happen in the distant future
The United States has a great deal of cultural ________. = the fact of including many different types of people or things
cultural/ethnic/linguistic etc
They are trying to _________ their values and traditions. = to make something continue in the same way or at the same standard as before
Some ideas of __________ are different in different cultures. = the features and qualities considered to be typical of men
Their style of __________ was very different from ours. = when two groups are trying to reach an agreement, especially in business or politics
They are learning about the social _________ in that culture. = the usual way of doing something
He _________ that young people spoke a lot at the dinner table. = see, hear, feel something and make a 'note' in your brain that it happened.
They felt a strong ________ to help their group. = a feeling that you have to do something especially for others; duty
That gesture is normal in his culture but __________ in ours. = very rude or insulting and likely to upset people
Culture affects our __________ of the world. = the way that you notice things with your senses of sight, hearing etc
Some cultures take a ________ approach to new problems. = thinking about the easiest and fastest way to deal with a problem
In their culture, they ________ building relationships when doing business. = think that something is important or put things in order of importance
Bowing is one way to show _______. = feeling that something or someone is important and should not be harmed or treated rudely
They have a special _______ that they do before they eat. = an action that has importance and is always done in the same way
In Japan, Mt. Fuji is a ________ place. = considered very important and should be treated with respect.
stand out
In some cultures people do not want to __________. = do something that makes it very easy for others to see you (2 words)
Sex before marriage is ________ in some cultures. = not socially acceptable; wrong
It is important to be ________ when visiting other cultures. = accepting different ways of doing things or ideas even if they feel strange or wrong to you.
There is _________ about the company's future. = not sure about what will happen
He felt ________ because the person was standing to close to him while they were talking. = not able to relax; feeling that something is not right for you.
They talked about the __________ reasons for his behavior. = the main cause or reason that cannot be seen at first.
Some movies seem to have ________ appeal. = involving everyone in the world or in a particular group
They have similar _________. = ideas about what is good/bad, right/wrong, or what is important in life
Clothing and art are aspects of ________ culture. = things you can see.
work ethic
In the U.S., most people have a strong work ________. = a belief in the moral value and importance of work
People in that culture seem very __________. = communicate in a way that is very direct and feels like an argument
In some cultures, it is not ___________ for teenagers to go out by themselves. = when a group or person thinks a behavior is okay
In his culture, that was a very ________ decision, but in ours it seems wrong. = ideas about what is right and wrong behavior in society
Hofstede says that some cultures have more _______ than others. = the ability to control one's desires; not take what you want
American ideas have _________ all around the world through TV and movies. = to become known about or used by more and more people
It is important to use proper _______ when greeting people from another culture. = the formal rules for polite behavior in a culture