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GACS lclab Science 7 - Final Exam Review - Quiz 9: Chapter 5, Section 4 - From Bacteria to Plants


during this groups first growing season, it germinates, grow roots, very short stems, and leaves. During its second growing season it produces flowers.

negative tropism

plant's stem and leaves growing upwards is an example of _______________.


response of a plant to changes in the lengths of day and night due to the changes in the seasons


a plant's response to touch stimulus

day-neutral plant

if the length of the nights and days does not determine the flowering cycle of a plant, then it is referred to as_______________.

length of their life cycle

used to classify angiosperms


most have herbaceous stems and complete their life cycle within one growing seasons


time of year when long-day plants bloom


a plant's growth response toward or away from a stimulus


flowering plants that live for two or more growing seasons.

critical night length

number of hours of darkness that a plant must have in order to bloom






speeds up the rate of plant growth


chemicals produced by a plant that control and affect plant growth and development

hours of darkness

determines whether or not a plant will flower

long-day plants

type of plants that flower when the nights are shorter


most of the plants in this group have woody stems that survive through the winter months


time of year when short-day plants bloom


plant's response to the stimulus gravity


period during the year when the activity of many plants stops

positive tropism

plant's movement in the direction of a stimulus

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