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Piano Terms Chapter 1


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Whole note
4 beats
Dotted half note
3 beats
Half note
2 beats
Quarter note
1 beat
Whole rest
4 beats of silence
Grand staff
The bass staff and treble staff connected by a brace and a line
Treble clef
Used for the higher sounding pitches. Also known as the G clef.
Bass clef
Used for the lower sounding pitches. Also known as the F clef.
Bar line
Separates measures
Double bar line
Indicates the end of a piece of music
Time signature
Tells you how many beats in a measure
Mezzo piano
Medium soft
Mezzo forte
Medium loud
Melodic intervals
Notes played consecutively to make a melody
Harmonic intervals
Intervals played at the same time to create harmony
Tied notes
Connects two notes that are the same, combining the values.
pp, p, mp, mf, f, ff
Degrees of loudness or softness in music
Connects two different notes, they are played legato (smooth and connected)
Damper pedal
the right pedal, which sustains the sound, played with the right foot