JROTC Study Guide (Let 2)

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1st General Order
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Know yourself and seek self-improvement
Be technically and tactically proficient
Seek responsibility and take responsibility for your actions
Make sound and timely decisions
Set the eample
Know your soldiers and look out for their well-being
Keep subordinates informed
Develop a snse of responsibility in you subordinates
Ensure the task is understood, supervised, and accomplished
Build a team
Employ your unit in accordance to its capabilities
Benefit of taking JROTC1 Year - Credit toward graduation 2 Years - Credit toawards graduation and enter the military as E-2 3 Years - Credit towards graduation and enter the military as E-3Three types of officersCommissioned, Non-Commissioned, and WarrantFirst Aid DefinedThe first care given to casualties before treatment by medical personnel can be made availableLifesaving steps (the ABC's of medical teatment)Open the airway and restore breathing Stop the bleeding/protect the wound Prevent shockSteps to stop bleedingApply a field dressing Manual pressure Elevate the limb Apply direct pressure dressing Digital pressure Appy a tournaquetEight steps in evaluating a casualtyResponsiveness Breathing Pulse Bleeding Shock Fractures Burns Possible concussions (head injuries)Three categories of heat injuriesHeat cramps Heat ehaustion Heat strokePhonteic AlhpabetALpha Bravo Charlie Delta Echo Foxtrot Gulf Hotel India Juliet Kilo Lima Mike November Oscar Papa Quebec Romeo Sierra Tango Uniform Victor Whiskey X-ray Yankee ZuluPrimary purpose of Drill and CeremonyTo move a unit from one place to another in an orderly mannerArmy's first drill manualRegulation for the ORder and discipline of Troops (Blue Book)Two parts of most drill commandPrepatory command Command of ExecutionFour rest positions that can be given at the haltParade rest Stand at ease At ease RestThree types of uniformClass A Class B Army Combat Uniform (ACU)Definition of Gig-LineA line formed by the seam on the shirt, aligned with the zipper flap and the edge of the belt buckle.Jewelry is authorized wear with uniformWrist watch Identification bracelet No more than two rings, one on each hand.Cadet Private1 ArcCadet Private First Class1 Arc 1 StripeCadet Corporal2 ArcsCadet Sergeant3 ArcsCadet Staff Sergeant3 Arcs 1 StripeCadet Sergeant First Class3 Arcs 2 StripesCadet Master Sergeant3 Arcs 3 StripesCadet First Sergeant3 Arcs 3 Stripes DiamondCadet Sergeant Major3 Arcs 3 Stripes StarCadet Command Sergeant Major3 Arcs 3 Stripes Star with branchesCadet Second Lieutenant1 CircleCadet First Lieutenant2 CirclesCadet Captain3 CirclesCadet Major1 DiamondCadet Lieutenant Colonel2 DiamondsCadet Colenel3 Diamonds