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Get Inspired! Episode 5

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a predecessor of the piano, sounded by plucking strings with duck quills, used mostly in the Baroque period
Dynamics of the Harpsichord
Cannot be changed by lowering the keys harder like piano keys
Baroque Music
A style of music between 1600-1750 characterized by the use of the harpsichord. Baroque top composers include Johann Sebastian Bach and Georg Handel. Baroque music came before the Classical and Romantic music style periods.
Bartolomeo Cristofori
harpsichord builder and inventor of the piano
Jean-Philippe Rameau
(1683-1764) A composer of harpsichord music who wrote a book about, and labelled concepts like triads, seventh chords, cadences, inversions, tonic, dominant, subdominant, the Circle of Fifths, chord inversions and more.
early piano, named for its range of dynamic levels--it could play loudly and softly depending on how a key was lowered
Website launched in 2005 where users can upload video clips and others can download them. It was purchased by Google in 2006 who introduced ads on the website. Some people believe that YouTube presents the new face of entertainment, and that someday there will be no concentration of wealth or superstars in Hollywood.
A bass instrument of the string family, held upright on the floor between the legs of the seated player and played with a bow.
Jan VerMeer
Dutch artist of the 17th century (1632- 1675) that was fascinated with the effects of light and dark. Chose indoor settings for his portraits--like women doing familiar activites as pouring milk or reading a letter or playing the piano.
An English name for HARPSICHORD that is small enough to place on a table. It has a single keyboard and strings running at right angles to the keys rather than parallel with them as in larger harpsichords.
Quick back-and-forth notes added to decorate or embellish a melody. Usually found in Baroque music
Renaissance Music
A style of music in the 1400-1600's
Fulbright Fellowship
a prestigious, merit-based scholarship program offered to college graduates to study abroad
solid, thin piece of wood that vibrates with the strings
when a key is lowered, hammers rise up to strike the strings
Fall Board
part of the piano that swings down to cover and protect the keys
Cast Iron Rim
a very strong frame to hold the 30 tons of string tension
Cello Bow
a piece of thin wood connected to horse hair used to play the strings of a cello
another name for a keyboard, especially when there is more than one keyboard on an instrument