Elements of Fiction


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The series of events in a story.
People in the story.
Location of the story where the plot take place.
The struggles of the plot.
The lessons of the story.
The first stage of the plot, introduction to characters, setting, and main conflict.
Rising Action
The second stage of the plot, struggles rise at conflict continues.
The turning point of the plot.
Falling Action
The fourth stage of the plot, the conflicts solved and struggles are over.
The final stage of plot, everything comes to the end.
The main character of the story.
The force against protagonist that causes conflict.
List the 3 Roles a Setting can play in a story.
Affect the Conflict
Serves as a backdrop for the action
Creates the mood
Character vs Self
Internal struggle, character trying to make a decision.
Character vs Character
External struggle, disagreement.
Character vs Nature
External struggle, struggle with something outside of the protagonist's control.
Character vs Society
External struggle, struggle with law or rule that govern a society.
Character vs Supernatural
External struggle, struggle with a force outside of our world.
Character vs Machine
External struggle, struggle with technology.
What are the 3 Questions to Ask to Determine the Theme?
What does the character want?
What does the character do to achieve his/her goal?
Does the character succeed at achieving his/her goal? Why/Why not?