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What is the name of the first legislative body that included members elected by citizens

Virginia Assembly

What year was the first permanent English settlement started in North America?


A new American settlement would provide England with raw materials and

open new markets for trade

Why is the Virginia House of Burgesses special?

It was the first elected legislative body in America

The Virginia House of Burgesses gave the settlers the opportunity to:

Control their own government

Where was Jamestown located in 1607?

On a narrow peninsula in the James River

What made the Virginia Assembly so special?

It was North America's first legislative body with members elected by the people

What three parts made up the Virginia Assembly?

citizen representatives, the governor's council, and the governor

Why did England want to establish an American colony?

Increase her wealth and power

Jamestown was primarily started to:

To make money. It was an economic venture.

What was the name given to citizen representatives?


Who were considered citizens in 1619?

All adult men

In 1640, the burgesses became a separate legislative body called:

Virginia House of Burgesses

What did the first charter of the Virginia Company of London do?

It established companies to begin colonies in the new world.

Who granted charters to allow settlements in North America?

The King of England

England hoped to find _______ and ______ in America.

silver and gold

Where is Jamestown located today?

It is located on an island in the James River

What did the charter allow the Virginia Company of London to do?

The right to establish a settlement in North America

What did the Virginia House of Burgesses change its name to?

Virginia General Assembly

What country did England not want the land in North America to become owned by?


What type of rights were extended to colonists by the charters?

English Rights (like a citizen of England)

What was the name of the first permanent English settlement?


Who financed the settlement of Jamestown?

The stockholders of the Virginia Company of London

What was another reason for England to start a colony in the New World?

It could give England raw materials that could not be grown or obtained in England

Who granted charters to the Virginia Company of London?

The King of England

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