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develops of healthy bone and teeth regulates body functions helps the heart muscle contract


works with calcium to develop bones and teeth essential for cell metabolism


necessary for maintaining fluid balance transports nutrients across cell membranes aids in nerve transmission


works with sodium with fluid balance; essential for cell metabolism


needed for red blood cell formation transport CO2


promotes cell reproduction and repair

Vitamin A

maintain healthy eyes skin and hair essential for night vision promotes use of calcium and phosphorus

vitamin D

promotes use of calcium and phosphorus

vitamin E

prevents the destruction of red blood cells serves as an anti-oxidant

Vitamin K

blood clotting; assists in regulating blood calcium levels

VItamin B1

helps you develop appetite; energy metabolism

Vitamin B2

keeps skin healthy assists in energy metabolism


maintains body tissues energy metabolism

Vitamin B6

necessary for release of energy from calorie producing nutrients

Vitamin B12

vital for blood formation

vitamin C

promotes wound healing and resistance for infection needed for normal development of connective tissues

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