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  1. euthanasia
  2. microdont
  3. macroscopic
  4. eugenics
  5. euthenics
  1. a illegal practice of painlessly putting to death a person suffering from an incurable, painfully distressing disease
  2. b science dealing with improving the hereditary qualities of the human race
  3. c science dealing with improving living conditions
  4. d large enough to be visible to the naked eye
  5. e having small teeth

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  1. write or speak in praise of someone
  2. very short electromagnetic wave
  3. pleasing in sound
  4. very minute organism; a microorganism
  5. agent that destroys microbes

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  1. euphoriasense of well-being


  2. microcosmlittle world


  3. micrometervery minute organism; a microorganism


  4. microsecondhaving small teeth


  5. macrolarge, long