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  1. microcosm
  2. eulogize
  3. euthenics
  4. eu
  5. microwave
  1. a little world
  2. b very short electromagnetic wave
  3. c science dealing with improving living conditions
  4. d good, well, advantageous
  5. e write or speak in praise of someone

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  1. large, long
  2. sense of well-being
  3. agent that destroys microbes
  4. having small teeth
  5. science dealing with improving the hereditary qualities of the human race

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  1. microsmall


  2. euthanasiascience dealing with improving living conditions


  3. microsecondunit of time equal to one millionth of a second


  4. microscopicinvisible to the naked eye


  5. euphoniousscience dealing with improving living conditions


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