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what should you do if approaching a steady amber or yellow signal?

stop before entering the intersection if possible

what is a good practice while driving?

keep ftom looking at any one thing for more than a few seconds

what is the proper lane to turn into when making a left turn

the lane nearestthe center in the direction you are heading

when driving at night you should be able to stop how?

within the distance you can see ahead

where should you position the car to make a left turn from a two way street

the lane nearest the center of the road

what is a good practice when nearing an intersection

slow down and be prepared to stop

what is the purpose of traffic laws

to protect you and other drivers

if there is no "no turn on red" sigh, when can you make a turn on red?

after making a full stop and yielding to traffic

if you feel or hear an unusual thumping noise when driving what might it be?

the tirea

what is the best advice if your car is stranded in a heavy snow sotrm

stay with your car

what is good practice when driving in the city

check intersection ahead for signals

what must you do if you want to turn left at a traffic light

yield to the oncoming traffic

if the front of your car vibrates, the problem might be your:


what do 2 parallel white lined across the road mean

pedestrien crossing

which lights shoulf you use when driving in fog

low beams

what papers must you have when operating a motor vehicle

license, registration and insurance card

when should you use your horn

if you are driving out of an ally

what should be done if two cars enter an uncontrolled intersection simultaneously

the driver on the left must yield to the driver on the right

why should you use seat and shoulder belts

they increade your chance of surviving an accident

when may you pass on the right

if the car in front is turning left and there is a lane for driving on the right

what does a flashing red light mean

stop, proceed with caution

what does a green light mean

proceed when safe

what does a single solid white line across an intersection mean

you should stop behind the linefor a traffic sign or signal

what does a yellow diamond shaped sign mean

warning or caution

when should you use your parkinf lights

when parking only

which way do you turn if you go into a skid

in the direction the back of the car is skidding

how far should you stay behind the car you are following

at least two seconds

what direction should you check first when approaching an intersection


if two cars reach a four way stop at the same time what is the proper procedure

the person on the left yields to the person on the right

what should you do if you go into a skid

take your foot off the gas pedal

what is the most common mistake a new driver makes with the brake

pushing too hard

what is the best way to talk to other deivers

through the use of your horn or lights

what does a red eight sided sign mean


what does a red and white triangular sign mean


if you drive through a deep puddle, what should you do

test your braked

when is the road surface most slippery

the first few minuted of rain

when should you use your high beam lights

open country driving situation

a drivers left hand extended upward means what

he is making a right turn

a drivers left hand extended straight out means what

he is making a left turn

a drivers left hand extended downward meand what

he is making a stop or slowing down

the safest way to exit an expressway is to...

slow your car to the posted exit speed

what should you do if your breaks fail

shift to a lower gear and pump your brakes

what should you do if your electric signals fail to operate

use hand signals

what should you do if you have a blowout

slow the vehicle gradually

what shoulf you do if you are angry or upset

cool off before attemting to drive

what should you do if you miss an exit on an expressway

go on to the next exit. fo not reverse or back up

when you are driving on a curve, your vehicle tends to go in what direction


what is a good practice at intersections what have no signs or signals

be ready to stop if necessary

it is a good practice to keep a space cushion to:

give time to react

one of the best defenses against drunk drivers is

proper wearing a safety belt

when a school bus has stopped at a school to pick up or let off children, you may pass from either direction at a speed of no more than...

ten miled per houe

what must you do if a school bus is stopped and its red lights are flashing


how should you turn your wheels when parking downhill next to a curb

to the right toward the curb

special permits may be used at age 16 when

enrolled in a behind the wheel driver ed course or enrolled in a commercial driving ed course and purchased by an approved driving instructor

how far ahead should you look

twelve seconds ahead

you are required by NJ laws to keep right except

when on a one way street, when passing, or is impractical to travel on that side of the roadway

studies show that the greatest number of people arrested for drunk driving had been drinking what kind of alcoholic beverage?


the speed limit in a school zone


the speed limit in a business area


speed limit on a highway


you should always yield to

other vehicled in the intersection, pedestriand and emergency vehicles

if you want to return to the road from a dirt shoulder...

slow doen then turn yout wheels to climb the pavement edge

a telve ounce can of beer has just as much alcohol in it as

a 1.5 ounfe of 86 proof whisky or one 5 ounce glass of wine

whether your blood alcohol content raises aove the legal limits depends on

how fast you drink, your weight and amount you drink

the best way to reduce your chances of having an alcohol related accident is to

dont drive after drinking

what is a habitual offender

any person whose license has been suspended three times within three years

how often do nj drivers have to re take an eye test

every ten years

what is the rule for following distance on dry roads

one car length back for each 10mph speed or 2 to 3 seconds between cars

what does tailgating mean

driving too close to the vehicle in front, it does not allow a lot of time to react

what does hydroplaning mean

losing the tire grip on wet roads and riding on a film of water

what is an uncontrolled intersection

one where there are no raffic signs or signals

when must you signal for turning

at least 100 feet

how close may you park to a stop sign

50 feet

how close can you park to a corner

25 feet

how close can you park from a fire hydrant

10 feet

what is the stopping distance on a dry road at 50 mph

243 feet

how far can you park from a curb

6 inches


graduated driver license program

why do we have the gdl

to reduce the number of driving fatalitied among teen and first time drivers and their passengers by having more experience

three step route

1. special learners permit (student permit)
2. provisional license
3. basic lisence

two step route

1. examination permit
2. basic license

special learners permit (student permit)

16. fee: $10. must pass vision and written test. complete behing the wheel training through an approved program to recieve a valid permit for a minumum of six months of supervised driving. obtain parent signiture, pass road test.

provisional license

17. complete student permit requirements. complete a minumum of one year unsupervised driving

basic license

18. complete provisional or examination permit requirements

examination permit

17. fee: $10. pass vision and written test to recieve a valid permit for supervised and unsupervised driving.
driving supervised: under 21: 6 month minumum. over 21: 3 month minumum.
driving unsupervised: under 21: 6 month minumum
21 and over: 9 month minimum.
obtain a parent signiture if under 18. pass road test

how long do you have to report a change in adress

within one week after moving

change of name

within two weks

a motorist with an out of state license who moves to nj

must apply for a nj license within 60 days

a motorist with a foreign license who moves to nj

if is able to get the nj license, doesnt have to give up the license of the other country.

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