Incident Command System (ICS)


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A basic ICS principle is that the first Incident Commander is responsible until when?
authority is delegated to another person
Expansion of incidents may require the delegation of authority for the performance of Operations, Planning, Logistics, and Finance/Administration functions. The people who perform these four management functions are whom?
general staff
At which incident facility are primary logistics and administrative functions coordinated and administered?
Which position is the only one that is always staffed in ICS applications?
incident commander
ICS has been used to manage incidents such as fires, earthquakes, hurricanes, and acts of terrorism. Another viable application for the use of ICS would be the ________________ and _______________________ of the Central City annual Labor Day celebration, including a parade and fair.
planning; operation
Depending upon the size and type of incident or event, it may be necessary for the Incident Commander to designate personnel to provide public information, safety, and liaison services for the entire organization. In ICS these personnel make up the ______________________________.
command staff
Every incident must have a verbal or written Incident Action Plan. The purpose of this plan is to provide all incident supervisory personnel with direction for taking _______________ based on the ____________________ identified in the plan during the operational period.
actions; objectives
The ability to communicate w/ in ICS is absolutely critical. To ensure efficient, clear communication, ICS requires the use of what?
common terminology
There is no correlation between the ICS organization and the administrative structure of any single agency or jurisdiction. This is deliberate because of __________________ over different positions and ____________________ structures has been a signicicant stumbling block to ______________________ incident management in the past.
confusion; organizational; effective
Which General Staff position conducts tactical operations, develops the tactical objectives and organization, and directs all tactical resources.
Operations Section Chief
Which Command Staff position serves as the conduit between internal and external stakeholders, including media, or other organizations seeking information directly from the incident or event?
Public Information Officer
At each level of the ICS organization, individuals in positions of primary responsibility have distinct titles. Using specific ICS positions titles serve three important purposes: 1) allows for filing ICS positions w/ the most _________________ individual, 2) standard position _________________ are useful when requesting qualified personnel, and 3) titles provide a __________________ standard for all users.
qualified; titles; common
Which General Staff position prepares and documents the Incident Action Plan, collects and evaluates information, maintains resource status, and maintains documentation for incident records?
Planning Section Chief
One ICS principle relates to the supervisory structure of the organization and pertains to the number of individuals or resources one incident supervisor can manage effectively. This operating guideline is referred to as...
span of control
Which General Staff position is responsible for ensuring that assigned incident personnel are fed and have communications, medical support, and transportation as needed to meet the operational objectives?
Logistics Section Chief
Which Command Staff position monitors safety conditions and develops measures for assuring the safety of all assigned personnel?
Safety Officer
Measurable strategic operations are to be achieved w/ in the _____________________ period.
Which incident facility is the location where personnel and equipment are kept while waiting for tactical assignments?
Staging Area
Which General Staff position manages costs related to the incident, and provides accounting, procurement, time recording, and cost analyses?
Finance/Administration Section Chief
Which incident facility is positioned outside of the present and potential hazard area, but close enough to the incident to maintain command?
Incident Command Post
Check-In officially logs you in at the incident. The check-in process and information help to: 1) ensure personnel _____________________, 2) track __________________________, 3) prepare personnel for ____________________ and ______________________, 4) _____________________ the demobilization process, and 5) locate personnel in case of an ____________________________.
accountability; resources; assignment / reassignments; organize; emergency
Which Command Staff position serves as the primary contact for supporting agencies assigned to an incident?
Liaison Officer
After check-in, you should....(2 things)
locate your incident supervisor and obtain your initial briefing
Designers of the system recognize early that ICS must: 1) meet the _____________ of the incident of any kind or ___________, 2) provide _______________ and _______________ support to ensure that operational staff can meet tactical objectives, 3) be cost effective by avoiding ____________________ of efforts, 4) allow personnel from a variety of agencies to meld rapidly into a common ______________________ structure.
needs, size; logistical, administrative; duplication; management
At which incident facility are resources kept to support incident operations if a base is not accessible to all resources.
_______________________ means that each individual involved in incident operations will be assigned to only one supervisor.
Unity of Command
_________________ communication is used in reporting progress of assigned tasks.
The top priority w/ in the ICS common leadership responsibilities is ______________________________.
ensuring safe work practices
Which three levels of the ICS organization may have deputy positions?
branch; incident commander; section
Branches w/ in the ICS organization can be established...(2 ways)
geographically or functionally
Span of control is accomplished by organizing resources into ______________, divisions, groups, branches, or ________________.
teams; sections
A delegation of authority may be needed when the incident scope is _______________ or _________________ existing authorities.
complex; beyond
Who is responsible for determining the appropriate tactics for an incident?
The Operations Section
Emergency Operations Plans written after October 2005 must be _________________ with the National Incident Management System (NIMS).
An individual assuming the role of the Deputy Incident Commander must be __________________ _________________ of assuming the Incident Commander role.
equally capable
Representatives from assisting or cooperating agencies and organizations coordinate through __________________________.
Liaison Officer
The information and intelligence function may be organized in one of which four ways? 1) Within the _________________ staff, 2) as a unit w/ in the __________________ section, 3) as a branch w/ in the ______________________ section, and 4) as a separate ________________ staff section.
command; planning; operations; general
Resources w/ in the staging areas are assigned and should be __________________ and ready for ___________________.
assigned; deployment
The operational period briefing presents the _____________________ (IAP) for the upcoming period to supervisory personnel.
Incident Action Plan
Which section is responsible for handling claims related to property damage, injuries, or fatalities?
finance/administrative section
ICS form 201 contains status information for briefing the incoming ______________________ or __________________, or other resources.
Incident Commander; team
Who generally facilitates the operational period briefing?
Planning Section Chief
ICS organizational structure should include only the ___________________ and ___________________ needed to achieve the incident objectives.
functions; positions
What type of incident is the most complex, requiring national resources to safely and effectively manage and operate?
Type 1
Typing resources allows managers to make better resource ordering decisions by...(3 things)
describing the size, capability, and staffing qualifications of a specific resource
When command is transferred , then all personnel with a need to know should be told what?
the effective time and date of the transfer
Upon arriving at an incident the higher ranking person will either assume ________________, __________________ command as is, or _________________ command to a third party.
command; maintain; reassign
The Medical Unit is responsible for the development of the Medical Plan, obtaining medical aid, and ___________________ for ____________________ and ill incident personnel.
transportation; injured
Which general staff position conducts tactical operations, develops the tactical objectives, and directs all tactical resources?
Operations Section Chief