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Does he have a ________ or a pension? = a tax-free retirement fund that both the employee and employer contribute to; the employee can choose how the money is invested
There was a big housing ___________ in the U.S. = when the prices of something are too high or overvalued
There was a late fee _________. = the amount of money you have to pay for something
down payment
They had to pay a $50,000 __________ when they bought their new house. = when you first buy something and pay a large part of the full price (2 words)
In his ________, he said that his children would get all of his money. = a legal document that says who you want your money and property to be given to after you die
Do you have a bank _________ in the U.S.? = a service when a bank holds a customer's money for them
He ________ a lot of wealth. = to gradually get more and more money, possessions, knowledge etc over a period of time
He can't ___________ to go to that restaurant. = doesn't have enough money to do something
an arm and a leg
His computer cost __________ = (5 words; last word is leg) very expensive
What is the __________ of my account? = the amount of money that you have in your bank account
I'm completely __________. = have no money (slang)
Can you lend me five __________? = dollars (slang)
What is your monthly _________ for food? =the money that you plan to spend on something or are able to spend on something
He wrote his landlord a _______ for the rent. = a piece of paper that you sign and give to another person so that they can get money from your bank
chipped in
Everybody __________ and bought him a present. = when people all give a little bit of money to buy something (2 words)
His father will ________ the loan for him. = when another person puts their name on a loan to promise to pay it back in addition to the borrower
___________ interest is much better than simple interest. = when the old interest is added to the principle before computing the new interest
She wanted to use her _________ card but couldn't remember the pin number. = a kind of card for paying that takes money directly from your bank account; not a credit card
Some people ___________ on their student loans. = when you do not pay back a loan.
He __________ the check into my account last week. = put money into an account
There was a big ___________ in the 1930's. = a long time when there is very little business activity and a lot of people do not have jobs
He needs to ________ his investments. = to put money into several different types of investments instead of only one or two
Some stocks pay an annual ____________. = a part of a company's profit that is divided among the people with shares in the company
He __________ $100 to an organization that helps homeless people. = to give something, especially money, to a person or an organization in order to help them
She ___________ about $50,000 a year. = get money for doing work; same as 'makes' money, but has a feeling of working hard for it.
He has some __________ in his house. = = the value of your investment after you subtract the balance of the loan
She does not lead an ___________ lifestyle. = spending a lot of money on fancy, expensive things; especially more than is necessary or more than you can afford
There was a big financial _________ in 2008. = a situation that is a very big problem
Some loans have a _________ interest rate, but others have a variable interest rate that changes. = stays the same; doesn't change
In 2008 and 2009, there were many ________ on houses because people couldn't pay their mortgages. = when the banks takes a persons house because they don't make mortgage payments.
He made a _________ on Apple stock. = a lot of money.
in debt
He borrowed a lot of money for college and is still ________. = (2 words) there is money that you money pay back
People with higher _________ usually pay more in taxes. = to be successful and do better than other people in a job or work
The ________ in his country is very high. = when prices of most things go up over time
He ____________ a lot of money when his grandfather died. = money that you get from people who die
His car _________ are $200 a month for three years. = when you pay a lot of money over time in smaller amounts
The credit card company charges 14% __________. = the extra money that you must pay back when you borrow money
The interest ________ on his credit card is very high. = a charge or payment that is set according to a standard scale
She wants to ___________ her money in real estate. = to buy something because you hope that the value will increase and you can make money
keep track
It is important to ____________ of how much money you spend each month. = to pay attention to someone or something, so that you know where they are or what is happening to them (opposite = lose _____ of)
They try to _________ how much they spend going out to restaurants. = keep the number or amount low
live on
She has to ___________ just $1000 a month. = to have a particular amount of money to buy everything you need
Buying and selling that house was very __________. = helps you make a lot of money; profitable
make ends meet
Both of my parents work full-time but it is hard to ______________ because their salaries are low. = have enough money to pay bills and live (3-word idiom; the last word is 'meet')
He owes $500 on his credit card but the __________ payment for this month is $12. = the smallest amount you must pay
minimum wage
Many people want to raise the __________ in the U.S. to $15 and hour. = the lowest amount of money you can pay someone by law.
Her ____________ payment is $4000 a month. = when you borrow money from a bank to buy a house and you pay it back with interest over many years
mutual fund
She invested her money in a __________. = A type of investment where an investment company sells shares to the public and then invests the money in a group of investments such as stocks and bonds. (2 words)
Her ________ income was about $50,000 after taxes. = the amount of money that you take home after taxes (or expenses in business).
nickel and dime
The company is always trying to _________ us. = pay as little as possible (3-word idiom)
past due
Her credit card bill is ___________. = later than the date when you were supposed to pay (2 words)
pay off
She tries to ________ her credit card every month so that she doesn't pay any interest. = give all of the money that you owe to a person or company.
His father was a professor at a state university and receives a very good _______. = an amount of money paid regularly by the government or company to someone who is retired
Bill Gates and Warren Buffet are famous ____________. = rich people who give their money to various organizations or causes to help others.
There is a lot of __________ in many countries around the world. = when people are very poor and can't get basic things like food, clothing, healthcare, etc.
Some credit card companies have ___________ lending practice. = trying to use someone's weakness to get advantages for yourself (negative meaning)
He is trying to live of the interest and not touch the _________. = the amount of money, not including any of the interest
He bought the book for $10 and sold it for $15 so he made a $5 __________. = money that you get by selling things or doing business
She _________ shares in Apple back in 2003. = bought
put aside
He wants to ______ $500 a month for his son's college education. = save and not use until later.
He didn't _________ for a loan. = be approved or told that you can get something
The girl scouts __________ money by selling cookies. = to collect money that you can use to do a particular job or help people https://o.quizlet.com/U18vNR8qSkF5s1ZVxOhcgQ_m.jpg
real estate
She made a lot of money in ________. = buying/selling houses and other property (2 words)
That shop has very _________ prices. = cheap but good quality
In 2008, there was a big __________. = a difficult time when there is less trade, business activity etc in a country than usual; but not as bad as a depression
Buying stocks can be a __________ investment. = dangerous because there is a chance that something bad will happen.
He bought 100 _______ of Apple stock. = a very small percentage of a company
short on cash
I'm a bit __________. Can I borrow $10? = do not have enough money (3-word idiom)
When you pay with a credit card, you have to _______ your name. = write your name on a paper that shows you agree to do or pay something https://o.quizlet.com/s1-RMnBSVSx4Lb.nbGp8EQ_m.png
stock market
She likes to invest in the __________. = the business of buying and selling shares in companies; these shares go up and down in value.
His parents __________ him while he was in college. = to give someone enough money so that they can pay for all the things they need
In California, there is a 7.5% sales _________. = money you pay the government.
They went to an ___________ restaurant. = describes a place that is expensive for people who have a lot of money.
The ________ of the house has doubled. = how much money you can get for something
He called the credit card company and they _________ the late fee. = said he didn't have to pay it
His family got its _________ from oil. = a large amount of money, property etc that a person or country owns
She is very ________. = rich; can buy many things
He had to declare ________ after he lost his job. = a legal procedure when you are unable to pay your debts
within your means
It is important to live ___________. = not spend more than you earn (3-word idiom).
His computer is only _________ $300. = the amount of money you can get if you sell something
He was able to lower his taxes because he got __________ for being married and having a child. = lowering the total amount of money that you pay or get
Many Americans have an __________ do their taxes because the laws are quite complicated in the U.S. = a job when a person keeps track of money that goes in and out
Wealthy people often avoid paying taxes because they find _________ in the tax laws. = a small part of a law that helps someone avoid doing what they are supposed to do
Food that you buy in a supermarket is _________ from sales tax. = not having to pay