history vocab- chapter 5

19 terms by cwood13

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epic poems

a long poem that tells the deeds of a great hero




usually the upper fortified part of a city or town


an open place that served both as a place where citizens could assemble and as a market


heavily armed infantry soldiers, foot soldiers


marching shoulder to shoulder in a rectangular formation


rule of the many


rule by the few






members of the assembly wrote the name of a person who was considered harmful on a pottery fragment. if 6,000 votes were recorded, the person was banned from the city for ten years


prayers combined with gifts and sacrifices to gain the favor of the gods in religious ceremonies


a sacred shrine dedicated to a god or goddess who revealed the future


a set of three prayers


an organized system of thought

Socratic method

uses a question-and-answer format to lead pupils to see things for themselves by using their own reason

Hellenistic era

an age of expansion of Greek language and ideas into the Middle East and beyond


a philosophy founded by a teacher, Epicurus, in Athens in the fourth century BCE based on the concept that heppiness through the pursuit of pleasure (freedom that comes from a mind at rest) was the goal of life


the most popular philosophy of the Hellenistic world, founded by Zeno, based on the concept that heppiness, the supreme good, could be obtained only by living in harmony with the will of God, thereby obtaining inner peace

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