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Government- Chapter 3 Test Review

Mr. Blue p.7
The words "We the People" in the Constitution gives authority based on _________.
popular soverignty
The Constitution and the Bill of Rights were ratified at _________ times.
Changes to the Constitution informally can ___________.
result from daily activites from government
The President having a cabinet is an example of constitutional change by _______.
In most cases involving judicial review the courts have ________.
found the government actions to be OK (constitutional)
An example o a formal amendment process is a __________.
proposal by 2/3 of Congress and ratification by 3/4 of state legislatures.
_______ are who are responsible for changing the constitution by party practices.
Political Parties
________ are where the basic constitutional rights of the people were first set out
The Bill of Rights
The legislative branch can check the judicial branch by their power to ____________.
remove judges through impeachment
Constitutional amendments have ranged from ____________________.
Prohibition of alcohol, repealing prohibition, & setting term limits of presidents
An example of _________ changing the constitution was the Judiciary Act of 1789.
Basic Legislation
________ that the President uses is to veto an act of congress
Checks and Balance
The Constitutionhas been able to lasdt for so long because _______.
built-in provisions to the constitution allows for changes
Article V (5) of the Constitution says that ___________.
No amendment may deprive a state of its equal representation in Senate
The Bill of Rights (10 amndments) does NOT guarantee ______________.
the right of women to vote
______________ is mentioned in the Constitution & its amendments.
the succession of Vice President to the Presidency
Separation of power guarantees that _________.
Power is distributed among the 3 independent branches of government
The last time the Constitution was changed was about _______.
30 years ago
Formal Changes to the Constitution: ______.
Only 2 of them have been used with 1 way being used 26 of 27
Congress can effect changes to the Constitution by ________.
passing legislation, adding meaning to skeletal portions of the Constitution, & just using (exercising) by many of its powers
Congress formally amended the Constitution by adding _______.
prohibition of alcohol beverages
____ is known as the father of the Constitution.
James Madison
______ holds the government & all government workers to the same laws we all must follow.
The Rule of Law
The _____ has the largest federal role in adding fomal amendments to the constitution.
executive branch (congress)
Once the constitution is ratified (changed) the amendment can only be changed by _________.
another amendment
The ______ is the branch of government that has the task of adding flesh (details) to the bones (basic ideas) of the constitution
The supreme court helps shape the constitution by deciding _______.
what the words of the constitution mean
Preamble is the _____.
beginning of the constitution and states its purpose