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Union Pacific Railroad

this railroad ran from Omaha to the west

Central Pacific Railroad

this railraod ran from Sacramento, CA to the Sierra Nevadas

Leland Stanford

(CA) political connections

Collis Huntington

adept lobbyist

Northern Pacific Railroad

this railroad ran from Lake Superior to Puget Sound

Great Northern Railroad

this railroad ran from Deluth to Seattle


chinese laborers


ex-union army irish soldiers (laborers)

golden spike

Promentary Pt., Utah

Transcontinental Railroad

this linked the country and telegraph and telephone, also a monumental achievement

James Hill

partner in the St. Paul & Pacific RR battle for N.P.R.R., stock tremors 1901

Andrew Carnegie

carnegie steel co., philanthropist, came to the U.S. in 1818 from Scotland

Vertical Integration

combined 1 organization all phases of manufacturing from mining to marketing

Horizontal Integration

allying with competitors to monopolize a given market


helped build skyscrapers & RR tracks, much stronger than iron


a device for controlling rivals, MONOPOLY

interlocking detectorates

consolidate rival enterprises to ensure future harmony by placing officers of his own banking syndicate on their various board of directors

interstate commerce act

prohibited rebates and pools and required the railroads to pubish their rates openly

wabash case

individual states had no power to regulate interstate commerce

american federation of labor

gave workers more rights better conditions and wages

knights of labor

embraced workers in many occupations, one of the most powerful early unions

sherman anti-trust act

regulated operations of corporate trusts and declared that every contract combination in the form of trust or other act in restraint of trade was illegal

bessemer process

made cheap steel

pittsburgh plus

pricing system in the steel industry



yellow-dog contracts

agreements not t join Labor Union


employers locked their doors on rebellious workers


names of agitators

National Labor Union

represented a giant bootstride by workers, lasted 6 years, 100000 men.

Haymarket Square

bomb in chicago labor disorders broke out on may 4 1886 chicago police advanced on a meeting called to protest alleged brutalities by the authorities


meat packing in chicago



Social Darwinism

natural selection

Reverend Russell Conwell

acres of diamonds lectures

Munn v. Illinois

the public can regulate business ruled against RRs.

Alexander Graham Bell


Thomas Edison



team up to protect profits


"MR. Railroad" steamboats, ferry service.

Henry Clay Flick

VP of carnegie steel co.

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