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Chapter 7 OS

Which of the following is NOT a possible advantage of using RAID versus single-disk configurations?
lower cost
CD-R is just a shorthand way to write CD-ROM, but they mean the same thing.
Another name for the IDE hard drive interface is ATA.
The IDE interface is the same as the ANSI _____ interface standard.
E-IDE is a serial interface technology whereas SATA is a parallel interface technology.
You are building a network that will have three servers. You want the servers to have access to storage that is separate from the servers themselves but you don't want the traffic involved with accessing the storage to affect your corporate LAN. What technology should you use?
SAN with Fibre Channel
Which of the following media types has the most storage capacity?
fixed hard disk
Which of the following is used for removable storage?
You are planning to buy a new laptop computer. One of your primary concerns with this laptop is that it is reliable, can take a little physical abuse, and has pretty long battery life. The data you will store on it is only a couple dozen GB. Which storage technology should you use?
If you want to attach six hard drives to your computer using a single disk controller interface, which interface type should you choose?
Which of the following statements is NOT true of cloud storage?
you connect to cloud storage using a local SAN
Your server has been running with two hard disks for the last few months. You needed additional storage so you have just installed a third disk on your SCSI interface; however, when you reboot the computer, the SCSI drives are not recognized by the system. What is a possible cause?
you neglected to re-install the terminator after the last disk
You have a music collection that you want to backup to optical media such as some type of DVD/CD. You want to be able to use the same disc to do backups each time you update your collection. Which disc type should you use?
______ is a newer way to partition disks and supports disk sizes up to 18 EB.
Which of the following is NOT true about SSD drives compared to mechanical drives?
they come in much larger storage configurations
You need to create new volumes and format a new disk you just installed on your Windows 7 computer. Which tool should you use?
Disk Management
You have a mission-critical server that you must back up on a daily basis. You start the backup when you leave at night and the backup must be finished the next morning with no user intervention. Your server has a storage capacity of almost 2 TB. Which tape media will hold all of your server's storage on a single tape?
A Terabyte is the same as which of the following values?
1,000,000 MB
Which of the following is true about using GPT versus MBR?
GPT supports larger disks than MBR