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  1. bikini atoll
  2. archipelago
  3. stolen generation
  4. atoll
  5. anartica
  1. a world's 5th largest continent
  2. b set of closely grouped islands
  3. c site of the US nuclear weapons testing located in the marshall islands
  4. d a ring like coral island surronding a lagoon
  5. e what the aboringles call these children

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  1. most common language
  2. unpopulated inland region of australia
  3. winds that cause wet and dry seasons
  4. oceanic islands created by volcanoes
  5. white families were given 100,000 children to learn the majoritys culture

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  1. pull factorpush people out of area


  2. subsistence activitiesmost people in Oceania aare involved in producing only what their family needs


  3. north islandis home to the southern alps, a 300 mile long range


  4. outrigger canoesoceanic islands created by volcanoes


  5. aseanAssociation of Southeast Asian Nations


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