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  1. marine west coast climate
  2. oceania
  3. archipelago
  4. murray river
  5. penal colony
  1. a does not have much diversity, low islands have poor soil
  2. b australias largest river
  3. c set of closely grouped islands
  4. d place to send prisoners
  5. e exists in new zealand and the southern portion of australias east coast.

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  1. a legal case in which the court decide that aboringal people could claim land that was held under a pastoral lease
  2. gave aboriginal people the right to claim land in the northern territory
  3. the aboriginal people of new zealand
  4. site of the US nuclear weapons testing located in the marshall islands
  5. Association of Southeast Asian Nations

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  1. black islandsMelanesia


  2. rabbitsstates organized as rings of power around a central court


  3. north islandis home to the southern alps, a 300 mile long range


  4. aboringal peoplethe original inhabitants


  5. englishmost common language