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  1. atoll
  2. mandalas
  3. archipelago
  4. stolen generation
  5. low lands
  1. a a ring like coral island surronding a lagoon
  2. b states organized as rings of power around a central court
  3. c oceanic islands created by coral reefs
  4. d set of closely grouped islands
  5. e what the aboringles call these children

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  1. exists in new zealand and the southern portion of australias east coast.
  2. is home to the southern alps, a 300 mile long range
  3. Polynesia
  4. little rain + extreme cold =_________________
  5. a legal case in which the court decide that aboringal people could claim land that was held under a pastoral lease

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  1. desertone third of australia is ______because of rain shadow


  2. anarticaworld's 5th largest continent


  3. rain shadowmountains act as a __________for central australia


  4. aboringal peoplethe original inhabitants


  5. bikini atolla ring like coral island surronding a lagoon