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  1. push factor
  2. english
  3. oceania
  4. many islands
  5. 184
  1. a most common language
  2. b Polynesia
  3. c attract people into a new area
  4. d a pair of rabbits can have ______ decedents in 18 months
  5. e does not have much diversity, low islands have poor soil

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  1. french colony made up of Cambodia, Laos, and Vietnam until 1954
  2. the concept of "empty land" by which the british goverment decided that it had the right to take land in australia without making treaties with the aboringal people
  3. states organized as rings of power around a central court
  4. land that is rented from the government for ranching or farming
  5. Melanesia

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  1. taroplant with a starchy root.


  2. polar desertone third of australia is ______because of rain shadow


  3. southeast asiahas abundant, diverse vegetation


  4. murray riverthe aboriginal people of new zealand


  5. bikini atolla ring like coral island surronding a lagoon


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