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  1. oceania
  2. moko
  3. anartica
  4. voyaging canoe
  5. aboringal people
  1. a world's 5th largest continent
  2. b does not have much diversity, low islands have poor soil
  3. c double hulled canoes that used sails to take advantage of the wind
  4. d the original inhabitants
  5. e traditional facial markings of the maori

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  1. a legal case in which the court recongnized that the aboringal people had owned land before the british arrived in australia
  2. actually a 1200 mile long chain of reefs and islands
  3. has 2 islands North and South
  4. unpopulated inland region of australia
  5. gave aboriginal people the right to claim land in the northern territory

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  1. rabbitseuropean brought 24 ___________ to australia to hunt


  2. rain shadowmaori term for white people


  3. 184a pair of rabbits can have ______ decedents in 18 months


  4. push factorpush people out of area


  5. black islandsPolynesia