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  1. filial piety
  2. hangul
  3. Gentry
  4. Zen
  5. Koryo Dynasty
  1. a in Confucian thought, one of the virtues to be cultivated, a love and respect for one's parents and ancestors
  2. b In China, the class of prosperous families, next in wealth below the rural aristocrats, from which the emperors drew their administrative personnel. (166)
  3. c school of Mahayana Buddhism asserting that enlightenment can come through meditation and intuition rather than faith
  4. d Korean alphabet that uses 14 consanatns and 10 vowels for folktales and popular literatre
  5. e Korean dynasty that ruled from 935-1392, Replaced the Silla Dynasty in Korea capital was Songak metal type print led to mass productionn of books also produced celadon

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  1. the imperial dynasty of China from 618 to 907, dynasty often referred to as China's Golden age that reigned during 618 - 907 AD; China expands from Vietnam to Manchuria, Dynasty often referred to as China's Golden age that reigned during 618-907 CE
  2. feudal Japanese military aristocracy
  3. one of the great Yi rulers, ordered bronze instruments to be used in measuring rain, and created simplified writing
  4. the group of people whose job it is to carry out the work of the government
  5. an Asian temple

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  1. ConfuciusChinese philosopher (circa 551-478 BC), Chinese philosopher, administrator, and moralist. His social and moral teachings, collected in the Analects , tried to replace former religious observances


  2. KabukiA popular type of Japanese drama combined with music and dance, it is the type of theatre in Japan(Played buy all male actors)


  3. Zheng HeAn imperial eunuch and Muslim, entrusted by the Ming emperor Yongle with a series of state voyages that took his gigantic ships through the Indian Ocean, from Southeast Asia to Africa. (pp. 355, 422)


  4. Maorithe Oceanic language spoken by the Maori people in New Zealand


  5. Calligraphybeautiful handwriting