7th - American History - Set 2 - Final Review Semester 1

What was the document developed after the signing of the Declaration of Independence?
The 13 colonies wrote a document that would serve as a form of government called the Articles of Confederation.
What was obvious after the American Revolution was over in October of 1781?
It was obvious that the Articles of Confederation were too weak to serve as a form of government that could unite the 13 colonies.
What happened in the summer of 1787?
The 13 colonies were asked to send delegates to Philadelphia to do something about the Articles.
Which colonies sent delegates to Philadelphia in the summer of 1787?
Twelve of the colonies sent delegates, but Rhode Island did not send any delegates.
What did the delegates decide to do?
The 55 delegates quickly decided to do away with the Articles and to write a new form of government for the 13 colonies.
What was the meeting of the 55 delegates known as?
The meeting of the 55 delegates was the Constitutional Convention.
What were the 55 delegates in Philadelphia known as?
The 55 delegates became known as the "Founding Fathers" of the United States.
What was one of the key issues to be settled by the "Founding Fathers"?
The "Founding Fathers" had to decide how to keep the "central government" from being too strong. The colonists had been under the control of the Royal Crown (king) and they didn't want this in the United States. They developed three branches of government so there would be "separation of powers." The three branches are: Executive Branch (President), Legislative Branch (House of Representatives and Senate), and Judicial Branch (Supreme Court).
What was another issue regarding smaller states and big states?
Larger states would get more votes, so the House of REpresentatives would be determined by populations, and in the Senate, each State would have 2 Senators, no matter how large or small the state was.
Who would lead the people of the United States?
The President would be elected by the people of the new nation and would lead the Excutive Branch. The President of the United States would serve a term of four years, and could run for re-election if he wanted to stay in office another term.
What did the Found Fathers decide about slavery?
Many Founding Fathers opposed slavery, but they knew if they tried to make slavery illegal the southern delegates would go home and nothing would be accomplished. It was decided that when counting th population of a state, a slave would count 3/5 of a person. The Founding Fathers did not determine if slavery was legal or illegal.
What was the Bill of Rights?
Thomas Jefferson convinced the founding Fathers that a Bill of Rights (first ten amendments to the Constitution) needed to be added to the Constitution. The Bill of Rights lists the rights of every citizen of this new nation, but NOT for slaves, Indians or women.
How did the Constitution become the "Law of the Land"?
One by one, each colony ratified or approved the Constitution. The new nation created by the Constitution was called the United States of America.
What is unique about the Constitution?
The Constitution is based upon "We, the People" - the people are the government. The People/citizens of the United States govern by staying aware of current issues, speaking out to their elected leaders,a nd by VOTING in elections.