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how many immigrants came to the U.S.


describe the deifference between ellis island and angel island

ellis island allowed immigrants to enter the country after being checked for dangerous disease and answering questions about where they were from what kind of work they did and where they planned to live angel island limited the number of chinease immigrants and to get permission most chinease immigrants had to prove they had family members already living in the U.S.

expalin the reasons immigrants chose to move to america

many immigrants left their homes to escape poverty hunger lack of jobs war and injustice many jew immigrants left europe to secape mistreatment because of their religion

describe the hardship many immigrants faced once they arrived in america

many immigrants faced prejuctice is an unfair negetive poinion about a group of people most immigrants had to work long hours to make a living

describe the working conditions of a sweat shop

the job usually did not pay good salarie and workers had to work 12- hours a day in mines and women had to ork in sweat shops all day where they learned even less

explain why children were sent to work describe the differnences between child labor

most kids had to work to support their familie

what was the purpose of a labor union

many workers joined labor union to fight for better working conditions and wages

expalin why strikes were used

they went on strike to refuse to work if business owners refused to meet their demands

how were working conditions improved what is the purpose

new laws shortened working hours and improved workplace conditions

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